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Can Haz All Saints n' Death
November 1, 2011 10:00pm


Can Haz All Saints n' Death
This installment of Can Haz DJ occurred on The Day of the Dead--All Saints' Day.

Now I like Australian punk band The Saints more than the average fellow, but I couldn't quite see playing a full 3 hours of them. So I backed down from an "All Saints" theme. But I did manage to fit in 9 songs of theirs (don't worry, many of them were 2-minutes long). Besides that we paid tribute to the end of a marriage--Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth called it quits after about 30 years as husband-wife rockers. So a big block of Sonic Youth tunes was requisite.

Besides that it was songs on the themes of Death and Saints, and a couple flashbacks to last week's math rock & halloween themes. Oh and 1 death metal Christmas carol. And a song by Paul McCartney's brother's band. That's it. Honest, officer.

enjoy! full playlist below....


The Photoelectric Effect by The Shipping News
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Kekal
Good Morning, Captain by Slint
Surfin Dead by The Cramps
The Heads of Dead Surfers by The Fall

Airbreak (Ghostwriter by RJD2)

The Smoothest Cat on The Block by Mr. Statik
Lily the Pink by The Scaffold
Dare-gale by Jacaszek
Raise the Dead by Heavyweight Dub Champion
Battling Go-Go Yubari In Downtown L.A. by edIT
Stay Dead by Lee Scratch Perry

Airbreak (Spiralling Skeleton Memorial by James Blackshaw)

Becuz by Sonic Youth
Cotton Crown by Sonic Youth
Secret Girls by Sonic Youth
Drunken Butterfly (LIVE) by Sonic Youth
I Love You Mary Jane (w/ Cypress Hill) by Sonic Youth
I Love You Golden Blue by Sonic Youth
Inhuman by Sonic Youth
She Is Not Alone by Sonic Youth

Airbreak (Render Bandits (Microchip, Shit! My Cock Is Analog mix by Lee Renaldo) by Pluramon)

Messin' with the Kid by The Saints
Demolition Girl (#1) by The Saints
Kissing Cousins by The Saints
Erotic Neurotic by The Saints
L-I-E-S by The Saints
(I'm) Stranded by The Saints from The Most Primitive Band In The World
(I'm) Stranded by The Saints from Wild About You (Best of The Saints)
Porno Movies by The Saints
This Perfect Day by The Saints from Wild About You (Best of The Saints)
The Problem with Saints by 8in8

Airbreak (Medley by The Sixth Ward All-Star Brass Band)

The Saints Go Marching Through All The Popular Tunes (w/ William S Burroughs) by Dubblestandart
Saints and Sinners by Johnny and the Self Abusers (that band that would later become Simple Minds)
Graveyard by Butthole Surfers
Down In The Ground by Handsome Family
Walking On My Grave by The Cartwrights
Straight To Hell by Hot Club De Paris
I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal you (w/ Louis Armstrong) by Louis Jordan

Airbreak (Palae Fore Memoire by Scanner)

The Chill of Death by Charles Mingus

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