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Hell's Kitchen Radio #484: Hell Is Cuh-Ray-Zee
August 8, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #484: Hell Is Cuh-Ray-Zee
Having a chance to play these tunes for you brings great joy to Hell. There's a lot of blues in the first hour, and the blues always lifts me up! Give your ears a chance to get used to something new. I read another article recently that spoke about how people get set in their musical ways by the age of 32, and most of that music is what they were listening to in high school and immediately after.

I'm about to turn 52, and ten of the tunes I played tonight were new to me over the past six months or so. I mean seriously now. I get that we're busy. I understand that for many music just runs in the background (I actually don't understand this at all, but I know not everyone can be as obsessed with music as I am), and I get that life keeps on keepin' on. I guess that's why I will always be a strong proponent for the power and magic of non-commercial radio.

It's DJs, who have the power to program their own shows, that give you a chance to sit back and enjoy the aural ride. Let us do the driving, so to speak. That's ok. I don't mind that. As a matter of fact I get really excited about that. Just listen to my mic breaks!

A few notes about this show: Tom Waits is celebrating the 20th anniversary of both "Blood Money" and "Alice", so you get a taste of that. Some new music from Spain's Podium, new sounds from Ty Segall and Fantastic Negrito, as well as a premier from local guitarist/producer/engineer Myles Boisen, who will be on my show in two weeks, on Monday, August 22nd. Tune in.

You are also going to want to tune in next Monday, August 13th, 8PM PDST for my guest, rock photographer Jay Blakesberg, who will be in the studio talking up his latest book. I cannot wait for this interview. I have been a fan of Jay's for many years. Check out his stuff and tune in.

Time now to sit back and enjoy two hours of aural delights.


Down In The Street: The Stooges
Grinder Man: John Lee Hooker

Misery Is The River of the World: Tom Waits
Hole in the Wall: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

Black Rat: Big Mama Thornton
I Don't Know: Blues Brothers
Go To Satan: Rube Waddell
Introspection: Population II
Dear Doctor: Rolling Stones

Saturday Pt. 2: Ty Segall
Podium: Podium

Nabbadip: Fantastic Negrito
Master Pretender: First Aid Kit
English is Cuh-Ray-Zee: Peet Seeger
Hot Cha: Roland Kirk
Wild and Free: Curtis Mayfield

Get Up, Stand Up: Bob Marley with The Chineke Orchestra
Iron Man: Brownout

Toulon Pedro: The Toulon-Pedro Connect

Returning Summer: Myles Boisen
Tomorrow Never Knows: 801

Just Got Paid: ZZ Top

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