Four hours of pan-idiomatic musical explorations, emphasizing the left-field & obscure and dedicated to derailing the shackles of rational thought.
Ferrara's Enchanted Jukebox 02
August 25, 2011 6:00pm


Mind Train
Ferrara's Enchanted Jukebox 02


Petula Clark - The Little Shoemaker - Her Greatest Hits
Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Off And Die - Their Greatest Fuckin' Hits

Metal Urbain - Panik - L'Age d'Or
The Vibrators - Petrol - Pure Mania
Chaotic Dischord - I Am The Sturgeon - Now! That's What I Call A Fuckin' Racket (Vol. 1)
Ultravox! - Fear In The Western World - Ha!-Ha!-Ha!
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - New Pleasure - Blank Generation
The Stranglers - I Feel Like A Wog - No More Heroes
Oxbow - Burn - King Of The Jews
Diamanda Galas - Double-Barrel Prayer - You Must Be Certain Of The Devil
Coil - The Spoiler - Scatology
Metal Urbain - Hysterie Connective - L'Age d'Or
Les Baxter - Pantan - The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter

Beaver & Krause - A Real Slow Drag - All Good Men
The Johnny Mann Singers - Heart Full Of Soul - Ultra-Lounge: On The Rocks, Part Two (Compilation)
The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra - Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) - The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Plays ABBA Classic
Johnny Mathis - Small World - Chances Are: 20 Original Hits (1957-60)
Scott Walker - Where Does Brown Begin - Stretch
Coil - The Sewage Worker's Birthday Party - Scatology
Mary And The Boy - Bobby Peru - Untitled (Demo)
Oxbow - Bull's Eye - Fuckfest
Stu Phillips - Tired Of Waiting For You - Ultra-Lounge: On The Rocks, Part One (Compilation)
Francis Lai - Vivre Pour Vivre (Instrumental) - Vivre Pour Vivre / Un Homme Et Une Femme (Original Soundtrack)

Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You - Their Greatest Fuckin' Hits
The Pop Group - Thief Of Fire - Y
The Screamers - Punish Or Be Damned (Live At Mabuhay Gardens, 9/2/78) - In A Better World
The Screamers - If I Can't Have What I Want (I Don't Want Anything) - Demos 1977-78
Lizzy Mercier Descloux / Rosa Yemen - Rosa Vertov - Press Color
The Stranglers - Goodbye Toulouse - IV / Rattus Norvegicus
Mary And The Boy - Milkshake - Untitled (Demo)
Chaotic Dischord - Chainsaw Disasters (A Poem) - Goat Fuckin Virgin Killerz From Hell!
Buzzcocks - I Love You, You Big Dummy - Time's Up
Chaotic Dischord - Anarchy In Woolworth's - Now! That's What I Call A Fuckin' Racket (Vol. 1)
The Fall - Cruisers Creek - This Nation's Saving Grace

The Fall - An Older Lover, Etc - Slates

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