Four hours of pan-idiomatic musical explorations, emphasizing the left-field & obscure and dedicated to derailing the shackles of rational thought.
Mindtrain 16
November 15, 2011 12:00am


Mind Train
Mindtrain 16


Algarnas Tradgard - Two Hours Over Two Blue Mountains With A Cuckoo On Each Side (Of The Hours, That Is) / There Is A Time For Everything, There Is A Time When Even Time Will Meet - Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I Forntiden

Fovea Hex - A Hymn To Sulphur - Here Is Where We Used To Sing
A.C. Marias - There's A Scent Of Rain In The Air - One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing)
Chris & Cosey - Cowboys In Cuba - Trance
Alva Noto - Uni Rec - Univrs
Gastr Del Sol - Our Exquisite Replica Of Eternity - Upgrade & Afterlife
John Cale - In The Library Of Force - Music For A New Society

Psychic TV - Eden 1 / Eden 2 / Eden 3 - Dreams Less Sweet
Henry Cow - Erk Gah (Hold To The Zero Burn), Parts 1-5 / A Bridge To Ruins - 40th Anniversary Box: The Road, Vol. 8 (Stockholm & Goteborg)
Edmund Welles - Curtains - Imagination Lost
Mick Farren & The Deviants - Arts Of Darkness - On Your Knees, Earthlings!!! (1967-2001)
Frank Zappa - The Gumbo Variations - Hot Rats
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Celestial Bliss - Prepare Thyself To Deal With A Miracle

Dominique Grimaud - Les Quatre Directions - Les Quatre Directions

Coil - Enochian Calling II - The Angelic Conversation
Was (Not Was) - Zaz Turned Blue - Born To Laugh At Tornadoes
Angelo Badalamenti - Theme From The Comfort Of Strangers (Main Title) - The Comfort Of Strangers (Original Soundtrack)
Lisa Germano - Angels Turn To Devils - Rare, Unusual Or Just Bad Songs
Blood Axis - Between Birds Of Prey - The Gospel Of Inhumanity
Scott Walker - Cue - The Drift
Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer - Another Blow On The Bruise - Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves

Propaganda - Strength To Dream - A Secret Wish

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