Being, hear now.
a visit with Art Goodtimes and a visit from David Normal
November 29, 2022 2:00pm


Being Hear Now
a visit with Art Goodtimes and a visit from David Normal
In this episode we enjoy a phone conversation with Art Goodtimes and an in-studio visit from David Normal.

Art calls in for an hour+ chat re: responsible use of psilocybe mushrooms, mushroom microdosing, cannabis consumption, his instrumental role in sparking and maintaining the annual Telluride Mushroom Festival, Art's five terms and adventures as a duly, democratically elected County Commissioner in conservative rural San Miguel County, Colorado (deep in the heart of Lauren Boebert country), and much, much more.

Art visited via phone for the first 1hour and 16minutes of the program, at which time David Normal arrived in studio, and we said aloha to beautiful Art...

...and yes, hello to David Normal, who was with us for the final 1hour and 44minutes of this 3-hour program.

David filled us in on the plans for his at-that-time upcoming event at Patricia's Green, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, the Official Dedication Ceremony for his Cathenge Cat Temple Installation at that location, which took place later that same week, on December 2nd, 2022.

We also discussed David's diverse artworx: early daze in SF underground arts and punk rock, extraordinary surrealistic visionary psychedelic paintings and video work, meetings with Albert Hofmann and other inspirational entheogenic beings, Burning Man, and a somewhat extensive exploration of his magnum opus, Cathenge and the Cathenge Mythos, including detailed examination of Holofelinity, "...the feline power of mind over matter. Even today on Earth, anyone who owns a cat can tell you that their cat rules their world...".

We also learned of the ultra-rare element, Pizzazium, "whose vibratory signature is beyond our periodic table of the elements" and which "empowered and intoxicated the feline mind and enabled the transformative experiences of Holofelinity."

Being here, wow, indeed!!!

Art Goodtimes:

David Normal:

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