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John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza - Monday 6-8PM Pacific - Talking Heads (1977) and Television (1978) In Tribute
February 6, 2023 6:00pm


John Hells Live Bootleg Bonanza
John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza - Monday 6-8PM Pacific - Talking Heads (1977) and Television (1978) In Tribute
John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza
Monday's 6-8PM Pacific

I really don't want to turn this show into a tribute show, but the first few weeks of this year have been tough. Let's celebrate these great artists while they're alive, shall we?
I've got two really brilliant shows tonight, featuring East Coast "Punk" bands in their early prime.

First up, Talking Heads from the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, December 3, 1977. This pristine FM-soundboard features a young band, still feeling their way, but with a boatload of confidence in their material. This show is almost exclusively from their first two LPs "More Songs About Buildings and Food" and "1977".

Lineage: KSAN Fm Reel>Cd>Shn

Our headliner tonight is a band that I should have featured on here months ago. I hate that it took the death of front man Tom Verlaine for me to pull this out. I have a memory of working in grocery with a young lady years ago, who told me she had once dated Tom Verlaine. I'm guessing she was many years his junior at the time, but it was the name of the band that really struck me.
Who named their band Television?

I picked up "Marquee Moon" soon after this. It had to be 1994 or 1995. I was probably 24 when I first took note of them. That album really was amazing, from the first listen, on. I was already into bands like Sonic Youth, and it was obvious to me where they got some of their early influences. Verlaine's and Richard Lloyd's angular guitar playing influenced my own. When I think of a band that deserves the honorarium "Godfathers of Alt-Rock", it's probably Television. Bands like Pavement, Sleater-Kinney, REM, The Gun Club, and Dream Syndicate come to mind right away.

I have quite a few Television shows going back to when Richard Hell was on bass (these are rare and the quality is not for airplay). The show tonight is a real gem. July 2, 1978 from the Earth Tavern in Portland, Oregon, following the April release of their second album "Adventure". This is an excellent soundboard recording with a lively crowd. The jams are really strong.

Lineage: SBD Reel > DAT > FLAC (44.1) > mp3 (320 kbps)

Support these bands. Buy their officially released music and merch, and never ever sell live bootlegs. These are for trade only.

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Enjoy and pay it forward.


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