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Volume #003: All Them Witches=A Baker's Dozen
April 19, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Volume #003: All Them Witches=A Baker's Dozen
Tonight's show was a celebration of a couple of things. We had our first annual March of Dimebags event hosted by the Skeevy Side Show, (and you should check out that podcast too....a lot of fun was had by all. As expected, it bled into my show time and I was prepared with one of the headiest bands out there, All Them Witches.

In 2022, Allan Van Cleeve re-entered the fold and the band, who had operated as a three piece from 2018-2021 (releasing the 2019 single 1x1 and the 2020 album Nothing as the Ideal), became whole again. In 2022, they released a Baker's Dozen of singles.

I have crafted them together into single long play album with a couple of interludes from other albums for me to speak over.

Tracks listed below are all from 2022 singles releases except where noted.
Two of the singles are covers that are also notated.

1. 1x1 (2019 Single)
2. Romeny Dagger (from Lightning at the Door, 2013)
3. 6969 WXF the Cage
4. Hush, I'm on TV
5. Real Hippies are Cowboys
6. Fall into Place
7. Everest (from Nothing as the Ideal, 2020)
8. Tour Death Song
9. Blacksnake Blues (Muddy Waters cover)
10. Holding Your Breath Across the River
11. Instrumental 2 (Welcome to the Caveman Future) (from Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, 2015)
12. L'hotel Serein
13. Slow City (Pharoah Overlord cover)
14. Tiger's Pit
15. Mama is a Shining Star
16. Silver to Rust
17. Acid Face
18. Elk.Blood.Heart (live, from Live in Brussels, 2016)

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