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Volume #004: No Means No, Dumbass!!
April 26, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Volume #004: No Means No, Dumbass!!
The animals are restless and pushing boundaries. No means no, she said....damnit if that bunny ain't something. Skull knockin' and beastly. Here's a great set list for you.

1. Lord of Chaos by Killing Joke from Lord of Chaos *2022*
2. The Wild Healer/Planned Obsolescence by Gojira from L'enfant Sauvage *2012*
3. Blood and Thunder by Mastodon from Leviathan *2004*
4. In Rites of Passage by Ihsahn from Amr *2018*
5. Wencesias by Gnome from King *2022*
6. Warchaic by Voivod from Target Earth *2013*
7. Wavering Radiant/Stone to Wake a Serpent by ISIS from Wavering Radiant *2015*
8. When a Shadow is Forced into Light by Swallow the Sun from When a Shadow is Forced into Light *2019*
9. Ants and Dragons by Dead Cross from Dead Cross II *2022*
10. Perihelion by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard from Infest the Rat's Nest *2019*
11. Lux AEterna by Metallica from 72 Seasons *2023*
12. Schloomp by Schwaomp from Schwaomp *2022*
13. Put the Sound Down or Get the Hell Out by The Re-Stoned from Orange Session *2022*
14. Gelatinous Cube by Thee Oh Sees from A Weird Exits *2016*
15. Dying Star by Periphery from Periphery V: Djent is not a Genre *2023*
16. Remainder the Black Dog by Steven Wilson from Grace for Drowning *2011*
17. The Problem of Other Minds by Animals as Leaders from Parahesia *2022*
18. Deliverance by Opeth from Deliverance *2002*
19. Tall Poppy Syndrome by Leprous from Tall Poppy Syndrome *2009*
20. Lost Keys (Blame Hoffman)/Rosetta Stoned by Tool from 10,000 Days *2006*

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