Happy Pride!
June 26, 2023 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Happy Pride!
Happy Pride! Played a bunch of Judas Priest because Rob Halford is the shit, and also gay, and it's really cool how his leather and studs look became metal fashion. Went a few other interesting places too. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

4:03pm: Novacaine For The Soul by Eels

4:05pm: Just Across The River by Gov't Mule

4:11pm: Rocky Racoon by The Beatles

4:14pm: Runnin' With The Devil by Van Halen

4:17pm: Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

4:22pm: Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang

4:30pm: Morning Of The Carnival by Pat Metheny

4:36pm: Longing/Love by George Winston

4:45pm: Variations On The Kanon by George Winston

4:54pm: Breaking The Law by Judas Priest

4:56pm: Couchsick by Half Darling

5:01pm: Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction

5:04pm: Nightrain by Guns and Roses

5:13pm: Speak To Me / Breathe by Easy Star All-Stars

5:17pm: Welcome To The Machine by Queensryche

5:22pm: Dogs by Pink Floyd

5:40pm: Raw Deal by Judas Priest

5:46pm: Devil's Child by Judas Priest

5:51pm: Hell Bent For Leather by Judas Priest

5:55pm: What's He Building by Tom Waits

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