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Volume #018: The Necropolis at Giza
August 23, 2023 10:00pm


The Alchemist Lair
Volume #018: The Necropolis at Giza
Travel across the desert of Egypt, through the sands of time and space, deep into the universe of our ancestors. Into the tombs and pyramids of the great pharaohs, and discover we are all descendants of the Annunaki.

Set List:

1. The Road to Giza by Illogistical Resource Dept. from Catharsis *2013*
2. Sand Baptism by Rivers of Nihil from Monarchy *2015*
3. Ancient Kingdom by Mastodon from Emperor of Sand *2017*
4. Singata (Mystic Queen) by Samsara Blues Experiment from Long Distance Trip *2010*
5. Planet Caravan by Pantera from Far Beyond Driven *1994*
6. Orient of Doom by The Re-Stoned from Orange Session *2022*
7. Kluskap O'Kom by Voivod from Target Earth *2013*
8. Mummy Dust by Ghost from Meliora *2015*
9. Quadrivium by Pulsar from Origins of Life *2022*
10. The Next Level by Hypnos 69 from The Intrigue of Perception *2004*
11. The Inward Quest (Part II of the Giza Necropolis) by Illogistical Resource Dept. from Transmission Cinema *2015*
12. Nunc Stans by Cynic from Traced in Air *2008*
13. The Nomad by Iron Maiden from Brave New World *2000*
14. Desert/Dawn by Ulver from Atgclvlsscap *2016*
15. The King's Chamber (Part III of the Giza Necropolis) by Illogistical Resource Dept. (with film audio...see notes below) from Cacoethis (In Progress) *2020*
16. Hall of the Dead by Isis from Wavering Radiant *2009*
17. Sphinx by Gojira from Fortitude *2021*
18. Heatstroke by Automatism from Immersion *2020*
19. Omens by Elder from Omens *2020*

Extra audio used during The King's Chamber from the Movie Dune and from Vincent Price (film origin not known.)

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