Happy Birthday Mom
February 24, 2024 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Happy Birthday Mom
We also delved into some experimental instrumental stuff. Played a set for Mom's birthday; she's been a big influence on me musically. We also got into a few good Rush covers, gave away Sou Ska tickets (March 8th at The Chapel), and played a weird track by Schmack. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

4:02pm: Shy Boy by David Lee Roth

4:06pm: Running to the Other Side - Live by Lari Basilio

4:11pm: The Crush Of Love - Live by Joe Satriani

4:16pm: Cliffs Of Dover - Live by Eric Johnson

4:25pm: Greensleeves by Jeff Beck

4:26pm: Holly and the Ivy by George Winston

4:30pm: Prelude No. 1 from The Well Tempered Clavier by Christopher Parkening (J.S. Bach)

4:33pm: Prelude No. 6 from The Well Tempered Clavier by Christopher Parkening (J.S. Bach)

4:34pm: The New Birthday Song by Japonize Elephants

4:38pm: Out Of The Corner Of The Eye by Bill Orcutt

4:46pm: Moving To Bohemia by Geddy Lee

4:50pm: Tears by Alice In Chains (Rush)

4:57pm: But Not Tonight by Depeche Mode

5:01pm: Addicted by Oxyjane

5:08pm: Propaganda by Soul Ska

5:11pm: Do Right by Soul Ska

5:16pm: Rude Girl by Soul Ska

5:19pm: These Things Are True by Rico Rodriguez

5:27pm: Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weasel by Thin Lizzy

5:29pm: Budos Rising by The Budos Band

5:34pm: Origin Of Man by The Budos Band

5:39pm: Subdivisions by Ninja Sex Party (Rush)

5:47pm: Mechanic Rumble by Schmack

5:52pm: My Brain by Morphine

5:55pm: Sittin 'Round by Joe Satriani

5:58pm: It Only Hurts for a Little While by The Amazing Ames Brothers

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