A fly-by-night wild card of a radio broadcast which can range from free-form music program to artist tribute/spotlight to insufferable four-hour experimental sound collage... Now You Hear It, Now You Don't!
No Such Program 2.7
May 1, 2012 12:00am


No Such Program
No Such Program 2.7


Steppenwolf - The Pusher - Early Steppenwolf
Gabor Szabo - Walking On Nails - Jazz Raga
David Lynch / Angelo Badalamenti (featuring Julee Cruise) - Pinky's Bubble Egg (The Twins Spoke) / The Dream Conversation - Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream Of The Broken Hearted (Unreleased Soundtrack)
Luxuria - Mlle - Unanswerable Lust
Lou Reed (featuring Antony) - Perfect Day - The Raven
King Crimson - Epitaph (including March For No Reason and Tomorrow And Tomorrow) - In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson)
Sonic Youth - Superdead - Demonlover (Original Soundtrack)
The Jefferson Airplane - Eskimo Blue Day - Volunteers
Pearls Before Swine - The Riegal - Constructive Melancholy: Thirty Years Of Pearls Before Swine
Psychic TV - Finale - Dreams Less Sweet
John Cale - Magritte - Hobo Sapiens
John Contreras / Nurse With Wound - Geometric Horsehair Cavalcade - Untitled (Compilation)
The Virgin Prunes - Sad World - A New Form Of Beauty
Unrest - Food & Drink Synthesizer - Perfect Teeth
Meredith Monk - Do You Be - Key
Marcel Duchamp / Petr Kotik - La Mariee Mise A Nu Par Ses Celibataires, Meme (Erratum Musical) - Music By Marcel Duchamp
Bjork - Cetacea - Drawing Restraint 9 (Original Soundtrack)
Ensemble Alcatraz - Fontis In Rivulum (Instrumental & Vocal) (Las Huelgas Codex) - Visions And Miracles: Gallician And Latin Sacred Songs From 13th-Century Spain
Helene Hoye - Gjetarhuving / Helene Sin Springleik (Shepherd's Call / Helene's Springar Dance) - Wizard Women Of The North (Compilation)
Harry Partch / Just Strings - Two Studies On Ancient Greek Scales: Study On Olympos' Pentatonic / Study On Archytas' Enharmonic - Just West Coast
Henry Cow - Linguaphonie - Unrest
The Carpenters - Solitaire - Twenty-Two Hits Of The Carpenters
This Mortal Coil - Thais (Bird Of Paradise) - Dust & Guitars
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - The Long Goodbye - Suspense
Fovea Hex / Hafler Trio - The Explanation - The Explanation
Fanny - Badge - First Time In A Long Time: The Reprise Recordings
Shirley Collins & Dolly Collins - Adieu To All Judges And Juries - Anthems In Eden
Luxuria - Karezza - Beast Box
Johanna Went - No Legs - The Club Years
Tubeway Army - Down In The Park - Replicas
Sleep Research Facility - Stealth1 / Stealth2 / Stealth3 / Stealth4 / Stealth5 - Stealth

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