A fly-by-night wild card of a radio broadcast which can range from free-form music program to artist tribute/spotlight to insufferable four-hour experimental sound collage... Now You Hear It, Now You Don't!
Beats And Pieces (With Guest DJ Ferrara Brain Pan)
November 12, 2012 4:00pm


No Such Program
Beats And Pieces (With Guest DJ Ferrara Brain Pan)


Matching Mole - Starting In The Middle Of The Day We Can Drink Our Politics Away / Marchides / Nan True's Hole / Righteous Rhumba / Brandy As In Benj - Matching Mole's Little Red Record

Henry Cow - Beautiful As The Moon, Terrible As An Army With Banners / Nirvana For Mice / Ottawa Song / Gloria Gloom / Beautiful As The Moon Reprise - Concerts

Crass - Step Outside & Rocky Eyes / Anarchy's Just Another Word / Speed Or Greed / The Five Knuckle Shuffle / A Rock 'N' Roll Swindler / Burying The Hatchet / Taking Sides - Yes Sir, I Will (The Crassical Collection)

Rip Rig & Panic - Knee Deep In Shit / Totally Naked (Without Lock Or Key) / Try Box Out Of This Box / Need (De School You) - God
The Westbrook Blake - Let The Slave (Incorporating The Price Of Experience) - Bright As Fire

John Lennon - God - Plastic Ono Band

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