HEIST: Gentrification smashes Mission businesses
February 14, 2013 4:00pm


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HEIST: Gentrification smashes Mission businesses
Two-hour special:
Roundtable discussion with writer/artist Liz Worthy and community organizer Alexandra Goldman about the new gentrification epidemic overtaking the Mission and the rest of San Francisco.

Worthy's HEIST Boutique, an installation opening this Saturday, Feb.16th, in the box office window of the Roxie Theatre, is a response to the displacement of long-time Mission businesses serving Latino, working-class, and alternative communities by those catering to an influx of residents who can indulge in high-end tastes. Goldman, who is completing her Masters in City Planning at U.C. Berkeley, will talk about her research into the impact of the Google bus stops on San Francisco neighborhoods. (Hint: It's not 'not evil' for renters.).
AND we get our first trolling crank caller!

My Name is Money - Sonia Leigh
How to Gentrify Your Neighborhood - Ibish Comedy Instructional Films
The Gentrification Rap - from performance piece Dispersal: A Gentrification Story, w/rapper G-Spot.
Low Rent District - Steve Suffet
That's Progress - Jello Biafra
Litigation - The Tossers
It Begins Tonight - Tom Morello [The Nightwatchman]

HEIST Boutique Grand Opening: 4:00-8:00 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 16th St., Roxie Theatre, 3117 16th St (x Valencia). For more information, visit
Hit List (partial)
✖In 2006, Self Edge, a pricey jeans store, opened at the former storefront of Leather Tongue, a 15-year-old video store that rented 99-cent cult classics and sold the zines of local writers.
✖The site where the progressive bookstore Modern Times made its home for 20 of its 40+ years is now rented by Fine Arts Optical.
✖Botanica Yoruba had to move and was replaced by Viracocha, a vintage fashion/furnishing store with a performance space.(998 Valencia).
✖Bombay Bazar and Ice Creamery closed in 2010 and in its place the restaurant West of Picos opened last May.(550 Valencia) [Bombay recently reopened on S. Van Ness}
✖French crepe restaurant Ti Cous (1992-2011) is now a Giordano Bros., specializing in artisanal beers. (3108 16th St)
✖The Kentucky Fried Chicken location became home to Spork. Spork became The Rice Broker. This August the location reopened as a Sugoi Sushi. (1058 Valencia)
✖Wang Fat Fish Market turned into the boutique Fabuloid which turned into Zoe Bikini. (2199 Mission)

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