Changes in Tenant Law 2012-2013
February 28, 2013 4:00pm


Tenant Rights Radio
Changes in Tenant Law 2012-2013
From an upcoming ban on smoking inside your own apartment to a ban on landlords forcing you to "de-bark" your dog, from whether landlords can demand that you pay rent online to change inshort-term temporary relocation benefits, tune in to hear what’s new in tenant law. Kent Qian, staff attorney for the National Housing Law Project, joins Pirate Jenny on Tenants RIghts Radio to review changes in tenant law over the last year, both state- and city-wide.

If Elvis Were My Landlord - The Kids in the Hall
Oh Oh Oh, These Landlords (1919) - Irving Kaufman
Landlord - Meija
Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette - Tex Williams

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