Fill in show for Miss Deena's Vinyl Escapade
March 2, 2013 8:00am


Fill in show for Miss Deena's Vinyl Escapade
On this show i had many guests. I was joined by DJ Lulu for the first hour and by local music group The Insufferables during the second. Enjoy!!
Set List:
01. Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric [UK]
02. Mango's Theam by Blackfeather [Austerlia]
03. Don't Mind The Song by Stepping Out [Danish]
04. We Sing Together by El Amor [Mexico]
05. Magic Ship by Orange Sunshine [Netherlands]
06. Teenage Rebel by Pink Fairies [UK]
07. Guita Song by Randy Holden [US]
08. Call The Man by Pentagram [US]
09. Today by Dead Man [Sweden]
10. CM Jam by Bazar [Norwegian]
11. Finding Out by Cargo [Danish]
12. The Look On My Face by Radio Moscow [US]
13. Dr. Martin's Blues by Heavy Blanket [US]
14. Mable by The Insufferables [US]
15. Whiskey Dreams by The Insufferables [US]
16. Tell Me When It's Over by The Insufferables [US]
17. Teenage Warewolf by The Insufferables [US]
18. To Hell by Tiger B. Smith [germany]

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