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Hell's Kitchen Radio #480: Miniature American Flags For All
June 27, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #480: Miniature American Flags For All
Standing in the newly painted Radio Valencia studio really fills me with pride, and inspires me to put on a quality show for you all. That's not saying the other weeks were phoned in, it just feels like I walked into a brand new studio and I'm really jazzed about it.

Radio Valencia is a collection of jocks who have come together to play our favorite music for you. Some of us have been at this radio game a few decades now. RV has been going strong-ish since 2010. Having a storefront location this last year has been a huge boon for us, and we're now in a position to make the most of it; hence the facelift. Big thanks to the Tuesday night crew, Culturefest's Lilly and Joe. These two really went all out. When I walked in Monday night I could have sworn the studio was actually bigger than before!

Sunday Streets on Valencia is July 10th. If you're in the area drop by and check out the studio. We're at 3227 22nd Street, between Mission and Valencia, next door to Make Out Room.

Tonight's show had a lot of emotion throughout it. New music from Emily Clark and Fanstastic Negrito. There's a 45th anniversary expanded edition Bob Marley, and a build up to this weekend's Mosswood Meltdown in the second hour. And George Carlin speaks about a timely issue beyond the grave.

How do I pack so much in? You'll just have to tune in Monday's 8-10PM PDST and find out.

Enjoy and please share.


Do It: Rollins Band
The Man With The X-Ray Eyes: Bauhaus

A Change Is Gonna Come: Baby Huey

Moth Tongue: Crystal Fairy
Nasty Girl: Betty Davis
Life Goes On: Big Mama Thornton

You Better Have A Gun: Fantastic Negrito
Let Me Roll It: Paul McCartney and Wings

Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin

Big Sky: Emily Clark and the Passing Fancy
Chismiten: Mdou Moctar

Suck My Left One: Bikini Kill
Love Canal: Flipper
Crawl: Shannon and the Clams
Racist, Sexist Boy: The Linda Lindas
AirBnB: Kim Gordon

Lovers Lane: Hunx and His Punx
George Carlin Pro Life, Abortion, and the Sanctity of Life
Fisherman Dub: Lee Perry

Natural Mystic (Alternative version): Bob Marley
In The Great Getting Up In The Morning: The New Gospel Keys

Hell's Kitchen Radio #479: Golden Psych And Roll
June 13, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #479: Golden Psych And Roll
I don't know what got into me but whatever it was I just had to get it out during this show. It's almost exclusively from the golden era of psych and rock and roll from the late 60s until about 1974. And it's a mix of European, Middle Eastern, and Latin American bands. Thee Oh Sees and Dungen are both in there so you can hear their influences. This was such a fun show to put together, I think you'll enjoy each tune.

I'm guessing you haven't heard of most of these bands. I talk them up between sets, so if you're looking for any info, listen up! It's a safe bet I haven't played 85% of these artists on my show, ever. And I'm talking since my start in 1988. OK, maybe 75%. Oh wait, 65%?

I also gave tickets away to another epic upcoming show at the Bottom of the Hill in SF. If you live in the Bay Area and you want to go see a show, you should be tuned into Radio Valencia regularly. Many of our shows have tickets to give to you! Or you! Or maybe even you!

Everyday Monday: Laghonia
Gelatinous Cube: Thee Oh Sees

Burning Sister: Amon Duul II
Stadsvandringar Del 2: Dungen
Haliç'te Güneşin Batışı: Mogollar

Thlah Cinta Berlalu: Koes Barat
Church of Anthrax: John Cale and Terry Riley
Canim Kurban: 3 Hur-El

Little Hands: Skip Spence
Psychedelic Weapons: Alejandro Jodorwsky
Transparent Radiation: Red Crayola
No Good Trying: Syd Barrett

Kobaia: Magma
The Good Mr. Square/She Was Tall, She Was High: The Pretty Things

I Hate You: The Monks
The Whip: Frantics
Flameout: 101 Strings Orchestra
A Million Grains of Sand: Freak Scene

Two Sisters: The Kinks
Poor Moon: Canned Heat
Apocalipsis: Vox Dei

Love Is A Feeling: Public Nuisance
Magica: Os Mutantes

Egyptian Kings: Brainticket
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell's Kitchen Radio #478: My Mouth, Your Ears
June 6, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #478: My Mouth, Your Ears
Following that live Black Sabbath from 1970 I played during my Live Bootleg Bonanza, I just had to keep the feeling moving. This show is mostly loud and in your gut, with a couple of tunes in there to let you catch your breath.

Check out new music from The Bobby Lees ( I love this band), Ty Segall (you already know how I feel about him), Iggy Pop (the greatest love of all), Kikagaku Moyo (they're coming back to the Bay!!!), and Le Butcherettes (when will Teri Genderbender return???).

I feel you feelin' me, so we've got that goin' on, which is good.

In the meantime, sit back relax, open your mind, and get ready to be punched in the earholes the way you like it.

Tune in each Monday, 8-10PM PDST. I always have tickets to give away to a local show. You really need to get out more often.

Enjoy and please share.


Black Sabbath: Flower Travelin' Band
Love You To Death: The Darts

Dig Your Hips: The Bobby Lees
Broken Hands: Mudhoney

Shakey Jake: Joe McPhee
Bodies: Sex Pistols

Hello, Hi: Ty Segall
Trouble In Mind: Mavis Staples and Levon Helm
Gettin' Hard: Death Valley Girls

Dirty Sanchez: Iggy Pop
Reach For The Sunn: Meatbodies
Yayoi Iyayoi: Kikagaku Moyo

No Time For The Blues: OBN IIIs
Never Look Back: Night Beats
Full Reverse: Acid King

Fuck Bobby: Buzzed Lightbeer
Garbageman: The Cramps
The Universe: Le Butcherettes

Memories are for Losers: Dark Carnival
Coma Girl: Joe Strummer

Hell's Kitchen Radio #477: Surf The Mutant Fish
May 23, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #477: Surf The Mutant Fish
I was thrilled to host Steve DePace of Flipper, once again, in the Radio Valencia studio recently. This time he brought along with him Brendan Earley of the legendary SF art/punk band The Mutants. They were in to talk up the Great American Music Hall show, Thursday, May 26 in celebration of the latest installation at the Tenderloin Museum: Sounds of the Tenderloin.

These two have quite a few stories to share. I even surprised them both with a few classic, out of print 45s. You can hear all of this by clicking on the link above. See the playlist below.

I just saw Mudhoney recently, so opening this particular show with an Angry Samoans cover sounded perfect. This show is good and loud. New music from The Bobby Lees, Dumb Numbers (featuring Melvins), Willie Nelson, and Boris. Reissues from The Clash and The Fall.

I know you're going to dig this.

Enjoy and please share.


You Stupid Asshole: Mudhoney
Burning Bush: Mono Men
Linda Blair: Redd Kross
Doin' The Kirk: The Mummies

Interview with Brendan Earley (The Mutants) and Steve DePace (Flipper)

Love Song: The Mutants
Get Away: Flipper

Interview with Brendan (The Mutants) and Steve (Flipper)

Supermarket Nightmare: Victims Family
Pre-Strike Sweep: Googs
I Come From the Mountain: Thee Oh Sees
Fishing: PIL

Interview with Brendan (The Mutants) and Steve (Flipper)

We've Got Bigger Problems Now: Dead Kennedys
I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid Of You: Psychotic Pineapple
Roadrunner: Thee Headcoatees

This Is Radio Clash (Different Lyrics - 40th Anniversary release): The Clash
Hip Priest: The Fall

Hollywood Junkyard: The Bobby Lees
Sonic Reducer: Dead Boys
So-Called Solid Objects: Dumb Numbers with The Melvins

What Do I Get: Destroy All Monsters
Painkiller: Boris + Endon

Sunken City: Mike Watt and the Secondmen
Deep Elem Blues: Good Old Boys
With A Little Help From My Friends: Willie Nelson

Hell's Kitchen Radio #476: No Reward Without Hell
May 16, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #476: No Reward Without Hell
How many ways am I supposed to say it, you do not get nearly enough good music in your diet. I want you to promise that if I drop off the face of this Earth, that you are going to commit to listening to quality music on the daily. And you need to mix it up. You can't just stay with the same genre, you know? My suggestion, when you go record shopping and you purchase three or more records make at least one from a genre you aren't used to. Trust me, it's a great way to build your collection while broadening your horizons.

I know that my international collection was built in this way. And I never would have discovered the richness of African Funk if I didn't stick to this method. And one artist leads to another, and one unheard of genre leads to another. My dad always said there's no reward in life without risk. I have always taken that to heart, in ways I'm not ready to discuss on this blog. I can attest to the fact that taking a risk on music is always a good thing. Except that hair metal band, Cinderella. There was no redeeming qualities in that band, none. Winger either. Nope. Sorry. None.

As for this show right here, I think the sets speak for themselves. I was in a real dance mood in the first few sets; really funky. If you haven't heard Mdou Moctar, then you haven't heard one of the all-time greatest guitarist there is, alive or dead. Seriously, he's up there with Hendrix and Van Halen. There's new music from Japan's Kikagaku Moyo, who are on their final tour right now. A show I cannot attend because I'm going to be in Yosemite. Lucky me. I gave tickets away in the second hour to Diane Coffee. You really need to check them out. The entire lineup is in the last half hour.

Lots of new music for you that isn't much of a risk. Perhaps I need to get a bit more edgy next week? Tune in.



Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (Remix): James Brown
The Hands of Time: The Perfect Circle

Funeral Solution: Oh Sees
See You In The Boneyard: The Flesh Eaters

Gnekelhe Mohi: Orchestre Massako
Lungs: John Abercrombie

Chrismiten: Mdou Moctar
Over and Out: Sex Mob

Monaka: Kikagaku Moyo
Fulton Street: Eddie Gale

Salt Peanuts: Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus
Do Not Go Gentle Into the Good Night: Iggy Pop

When My Day of the Crone Comes: Brigid Dawson
Before I Ask: Negativland
Secrets: King Crimson

Forecast: Diane Coffee
Get Out: Jackie Cohen
Chestburster: Mary Claire

Pick A Bale of Cotton: Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder
In That Great Getting Up In The Morning: The New Gospel Keys

Hell's Kitchen Radio #475: Proto-Post-Perv-Punk
May 9, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #475: Proto-Post-Perv-Punk
Oh wow that was really fun. There are those nights when everything just clicks. This was one of those nights. The tunes, the transitions, the mic breaks, and almost 100% of the equipment worked better than expected. That's saying something.

I've been doing this a long time, and others prepare their sets down to the minute, choosing just the right tracks days before their show, and it really shows. I've never been that way. Never. I bring a heap load of music with me, mostly vinyl, but I do have a small CD case I'll reload every so often, and then there's my external HD, loaded with my latest digital acquisitions. BTW, when I buy a new record, I love getting both the vinyl and the digital download. What a world we live in!

Lots of new music tonight, featuring Ty Segall, Kikagaku Moyo, The Bobby Lees, Dogbowl (thanks Jim!), Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder, and Boris. There's some Jazz, Punk, Blues, "Gospel", Psychedelic, Proto-Punk, British Prog, and much more.

Let's see your local commercial radio station even come close to what you get on Radio Valencia.

Enjoy and please share.


Money: The Flying Lizards
Shot Down: Frisco

Hello - Hi: Ty Segall
Girlfriend: Death Valley Girls

Dancing Blue: Kikagaku Moyo
Venus in Furs: Velvet Underground
TV Eye: The Stooges

Hollywood Junkyard: The Bobby Lees
Original Faubus Fables: Charles Mingus

I See The Light/What's His Name: Scott H. Biram
On My Own: Dogbowl with Jim F

We're Not Happy (Til You're Not Happy): Willie Nelson
Diggin' My Potatoes: Sonny Terry

The Midnight Special: Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder
Tombstone Shadow: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Master of the Universe: Hawkwind
New Potato Caboose: Grateful Dead

Frontier Glitch: Strike Anywhere
Frail Bray: Western Addiction
Summer Trip: Decent Criminal
Give Me The Cure; Fugazi

Eros: Boris + Endon

Hell's Kitchen Radio #473: Keeping Clever Pennies On Your Eyes
April 18, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #473: Keeping Clever Pennies On Your Eyes
Holy Hell did tax day give me a swift kick in the pants. I really needed this show to distract from the pain. That being said, I'm not against paying taxes; not in the least. I want my children to have great parks, and schools and roads. I want water and air to be clean, and I do not trust the private one iota to care for any of this. So I'll pay the bill. And I won't complain about it.

And I won't tell you how to feel about it.

You came for the music. And so did I.

I saw the best show last weekend: Scott H. Biram along with JD Pinkus and Shovelman. I was a Radio Valencia co-presents, which I MCd with Ace from RV. We had the Geezer spinning tunes between acts. What a fabulous show filled three solo acts, each remarkable in their own way. Seeing Pinkus was great, since he and I chat it up a lot on Instagram. It was like visiting an old friend. Shovelman is a local boy, as far a Willits is concerned. But he also used to perform with the Vau de Vier Society, as have a number of friends of mine, so I felt kinship with him right away. And that damn shovel! Who knew?

If you haven't seen Scott H. Biram, then do yourself a fine favor and get out to the show when he's in town. He's got fire and brimstone burning in his soul, right along side the fire of the lord themselves. he can go from gospel blues to Slayer in the same stanza! What a treat!

I really enjoy the co-presents we've been doing at Bottom of the Hill. Come on out Tuesday. April 26th to see Jon Spencer and the HITmakers. It's sure to be a treat. I played some new Jon Spencer later in this here show.

What else did I play? I played music from both Pinkus and Biram, so you'll get a taste of what you missed. There's some African guitar wizardry from Mdou Moctar, new Pink Floyd (yes, I said NEW) featuring Ukranian singer Andriy Khlynyuk, Swedish psych from Dungen, schizophrenic rock from Wesley Willis, 25th anniversary tune from Sleater-Kinney, classic Primus, and re-released The Fall, live from 1981.

You just can't get this in too many places. Allow me to be your one stop musical shop.

See you at the next show. Speaking of next shows, Radio Valencia is gearing up for another live fundraiser at Make Out Room in late June. Stay tune for details.

Enjoy and please share.


Tax Man: The Beatles
Wake Up The Sun: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Been Down Too Long: Scott H. Biram
He's Doing Time In Jail: Wesley Willis with Wesley Willis Fiasco

Is The Season For New Incarnations: Brigid Dawson and the Mother's Network
Tala Tannam: Mdou Moctar
Ljus In I Min Panna (Light in my pan): Dungen

Hey, Hey Rise Up: Pink Floyd ft. Andriy Khlyvnyuk
I Belong To The Beat Generation: Bob and Don
Kyiv Calling: Beton

You Look Funny When You Cry: JD Pinkus
Miss You: The Concretes
March of the Cicadas: Carlton Melton

Dig Me Out: Sleater-Kinney
John The Fisherman: Primus
Dawn of the Falconer: Hot Fog

Junk Man: Jon Spencer and the HITmakers
Enemy of My Enemy: All Them Witches
O.G.: Big Business
Totally Wired: The Fall

Boungoumoune: Orchestre Massako
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell's Kitchen Radio #472: Bringing On The KnightressM1
April 4, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #472: Bringing On The KnightressM1
Tonight was a really special show. I was lucky enough to have Bay Area metal violinist Emily Palen of KnightressM1 on the program talking up her latest collaboration: Othered, as well as new KnightressM1 material.

I first witnesses the prowess that is Miss Emily Palen, when she graced the stage supporting Eric McFadden at Ivy Room back in 2019. Her mastery of the violin is evident, and how she shows this mastery in on entirely different level than any violinist I've ever seen. I was mesmerized.

Starting on the violin at the age of four, Emily dedicated herself to the instrument, K-12 and into college at the University of Michigan. Following the path of classical music is a strenuous commitment and Emily took some time off to reflect on her musical future. Finding herself living in the Bay Area, Emily took this opportunity to also change the direction of her music, choosing to break out of the confines that Classical keeps you in, and found musicians to jam with. Over time she found herself attracted to Metal (not too surprising considering many excellent Metal musicians have a penchant for Classical), and adding some effects to her violin, along with some powerful lyrics centered on her own life's journey and the world she sees around her, created the dynamic superhero that is KnightressM1.

Emily can tell the story much better than I. She was with me for most of the night sharing new music from her collaboration with Henry Austin Lannan, aka: H.A.L. under the Othered title, as well as new KnightressM1 and music from the 2020 release: "Dreams and Devastations".

Othered will have a rare performance at Eli's Mile High in Oakland on Friday, April 15th.

Enjoy and please share.


The 7th Terror: FUZZ
Sentient Oona: Oh Sees

Interview with Emily Palen

Planets on the Rise: Othered
War: Othered

Interview with Emily Palen

Polarity Integrate: KnightressM1
Lost In The Shipwreck Of My Heart: KnightressM1

Interview with Emily Palen

Dead Americans: Othered
Deaf As A Lullaby: KnightressM1

Interview with Emily Palen

Die In Vain: KnightressM1
Sonic Titan: Sleep
In Every Dream Home A Heartache: Roxy Music

Hell's Kitchen Radio #471: Coming Undone
March 21, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #471: Coming Undone
What a fun night this was, and I think you can tell from the between set banter. I know, I know, you've come for the music, and the music you shall have. Though Spring is in the air, other than the first track, I wasn't thinking of producing a spring-themed show. You can think of this as one if that helps you sleep at night, but honestly it was just me throwing down.

New music from an Emily Palen side project: Othered. She'll be in the studio April 4th to talk up new KnightressM1 recordings. I have been dying to interview Emily, so this promises to be fun.

I've got some Jazz, 60s Psych, Funk, Metal, Garage, and Iggy Pop. What else could you ask for?

We have a fundraiser for Radio Valencia this Sunday, March 27th, 4-10PM at our next door neighbors house, Make Out Room, 3225 22nd Street, in the Mission District of San Francisco. We need money for new equipment and upkeep. We also desperately need to spruce up the new space.

Enjoy and please share.


The Rite of Spring: Hubert Laws
Enlightenment: Sun Ra

Levitation: 13th Floor Elevators
Midnight Special: Harry Belafonte
Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba: George Benson

Journey To The Edge: Othered
Youth of America: Melvins
Melvin: The Belles

Been in the Storm So Long: Mark Growden
Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix): Billy Holiday
Earth People: Dr. Octagon

No Reason: Death Valley Girls
Sixteen: Iggy Pop
Come Undone: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
Cold Cold World: The Monkeywrench

I'll Cut You Down: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Hellfudge: Lard
Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out: Nina Simone

Can't Let Go: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
I Like Girls: Samantha Sidley

Let's Split: Syd Barrett
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell's Kitchen Radio #470: Let's Celebrate the TL
March 14, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #470: Let's Celebrate the TL
There are neighborhoods around San Francisco I get excited about, and then there are neighborhoods I'd just rather avoid all-together. I've spent countless days in rough hoods like Bayview, Hunters Point, Western Addition, and the like. I've seen some crazy things in these neighborhoods. I've participated in crazy things in these neighborhoods. And I have often asked myself if I felt safe? Trust me when I tell you there were plenty of times, walking in the middle of the night, deep in the heart of some neighborhood, where I knew the streets well during the day, but at night something else happens entirely.

I do not spend much time in the Tenderloin. Other than seeing shows at the Great American Music Hall, a few services at Glide, or taking my students on a field trip to the federal courthouse (which is more Civic Center than TL), this just isn't a place I like to find myself. It's not that it's crime-infested. It's junkie-infested. And why? This is where the treatment centers are located!

It's that energy I just can't be around.

So imagine my surprise when I got a call from Stephen DePace of Flipper, telling me about an upcoming exhibit at the Tenderloin Museum titled "Sounds of the Tenderloin"? The first words out of my mouth were "there's a museum in the TL?". There is indeed a museum in the TL. The Tenderloin Museum opened its doors in 2015.

And here I thought I knew (almost) everything about the history of music in San Francisco.

Stephen brought the exhibition curator Dale Hoyt over to the RV studios to talk about the show and some history of the TL that was music to my ears. There is a lot of information over at the museum website, and some great shows coming up in support of the exhibit, including our friends Flipper at Great American Music Hall, May 26th.

Let's all go on a field trip to the Tenderloin Museum to check out this exhibit together. Just watch out for the needles.



Radio Valencia is a self-funded endeavor. If you are enjoying our shows, I'd like to ask you to donate a few dollars our way. The link on the homepage will take you to our PayPal, which is hosted by SFIndyMedia, our non-profit benefactor. All donations go to Radio Valencia. Thank you in advance.

We have a fundraiser coming up, Sunday, March 27th, 4-10PM at Make Out Room, 3225 22nd Street, in SF. They're our next door neighbor! This is going to be a ton of fun. Come on out and celebrate your favorite freeform, non-commercial, streaming-only radio station: Radio Valencia. We'll have some merch on hand.

Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

Who Stole The Keishka: Polkacide
Double Dare Ya: Bikini Kill

Maggot: Amyl and the Sniffers
Dreaming: Cherubs
Beat Club: A/LPACA

Anger Management: ShitKid
Born To Go: Hawkwind

Interview with Dale Hoyt and Steve DePace

Rat King: Night Beats
Mad Moth: The Bobby Lees
Duende War: Triclops
I Died A Thousand Times: Dark Carnival

Ass, Gas, or Grass: Men's Club
Short Eyes: Altamont
Longhair: Monster Magnet

Religion: PIL
Uptown: Chambers Brothers
I Bid You Goodnight: Joseph Spence and the Pinder Family

Hell's Kitchen Radio #469: Where You Goin'?
March 7, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #469: Where You Goin'?
You inspire me. Thanks for that. I hear from listeners throughout the week, letting me know what they're listening to, and often turning me onto something that I should be playing for you!

Feel free to comment here and let me know how all this is working out for you. What else can I offer? Seriously, how much do I have to bleed for your love?!?!?!?!

In the meantime take a gander at what I served up last Monday night. Funk, dub, indie, spiritual free jazz, post-punk (and NOT The Fall!!!), folk, torch singer, Nashville, legendary punk, Japanese psych-ambient-metal, Satchmo and FUZZ. A little bit for everyone in the family.

Click the link at the top to stream or download this gem, and please feel free to share with music lovers who don't know what they're missing.

And leave a comment.



Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (Remix): James Brown
High Fashion: I-Roy with The Upsetters

Snakes Crawl: Shannon and the Clams
You Were Sleeping: Jay Reatard
Japan: The Darts

Blind to Vines: FUZZ
We Are Starzz: Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood

Futurist: HRVD
Dethroned: Black Midi
Enemy of My Enemy: All Them Witches
Awaken And Allow: Shannon Lay

Hands: Lithics
Kung Fu: Curtis Mayfield
Mercy-D: Sam and the Soul Machine

Nailing Honey To The Bee: Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tonight It Shows: Mercury Rev
Said Goodbye To That Car: Marissa Nadler
Portland, Oregon: Loretta Lynn
Junco Partner: Joe Strummer

The Whip: Psychic Hit
Afterburner: Boris

Pretty Bird: Jenny Lewis
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell's Kitchen Radio #468: Who Do We Appreciate?
February 28, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #468: Who Do We Appreciate?
My mission in my radio life is to never insult you. Please let me know if you feel that I've done so. If so, you can fuck right off. HA! Just joking. I really love turning you music. What were you thinking? Whatever it was, I like it. I really do.

I wax poetic about all the evil of commercial radio all the damn time, but it appears that my vitriol has hit new heights! I' just sickened by what I hear on the FM when I'm driving along. I admit, I'm a button pusher, but I may scald my fingertip by how quickly I'm hitting that button. Once you move past 94.1FM (in the Bay Area) there just isn't anything interesting on the dial.

How sad is that?

Of course, I will continue to sing the praises of all things noncommercial. And why not? Music should always be purpose driven. I never mind playing older artists for you, but when I do, I like it to be something you would not normally hear on any other station. You be the judge.

I also really appreciate your feedback. I can only improve when my listeners chime in. Don't be shy.

Lots of tasty treats in this episode. I went record shopping recently (SURPRISE!), and picked up a few Arhoolie Records releases. Check out the Big Mama Thornton track featuring the Muddy Waters Blues Band live in San Francisco in 1966. There's also the ridiculous piano playing of Dave Alexander. This guy is off the charts, good. Other than the Blues, there's 90s indie, 20's Psych, funk, punk, junk, hiphop, folk, and more more more!

Take a listen and share with your music-loving friends.



Radio Valencia is a self-funded endeavor. If you are enjoying our shows, I'd like to ask you to donate a few dollars our way. This link will take you to our PayPal, which is hosted by SFIndyMedia, our non-profit benefactor. All donations go to Radio Valencia. Thank you in advance.

Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

Related To What: The Last Poets
Everything Gonna Be Alright: Big Mama Thornton

The Rattler: Dave Alexander
Television Man: Man Or Astroman
The Drama You've Been Craving: Sleeter-Kinney

Brother, Sister: Kevin Morby
Breathless: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
The Playground Twist: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Rhinestone Cowboy: MF Doom and Madlib

Cultivated Grass: John Dwyer and Crew (Gong Splat)
Ät Det Som Växer: Dungen

Green Rocky Road: Tim Buckley
The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat): The Doors

You've Got To Change: Brownout
Harm Joy: C.I.A.

The Universe: Le Butcherettes
Death's Not Your Friend: Wooden Shjips
Electric Fence: Califone

Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall: Bobby Weir and the Wolf Brothers

What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell's Kitchen Radio #467: Blow Out Your Candles
February 21, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #467: Blow Out Your Candles
I swear I am not phoning it in, but there are weeks that I think I could have done better by you. I think I did pretty well tonight. I'm mixing it up, I'm surprising even myself! And I love the comments some of you are throwing my way.

Yes, where else are you going to hear Jefferson Starship, Black Sabbath and Ice-T all in the same show? Where indeed? Certainly not in local commercial radio stations.

Full disclosure: from time to time I have been known to button push on the car stereo. I may even stop on commercial rock station, formerly known as KSAN, which now goes by the unfortunate moniker "The Bone". So sad. Recently I was noticing that of the ten songs I heard (I was driving for a while, OK?) not one of them was newer than 1978. 1978! What are they thinking? Who needs this? And then there's Dave-FM "Totally Random Radio". Yes. Random. From AOR all the way to MOR.


I promise never to insult your ears. I also want you to take more risks with your music listening. Start by enjoying more Radio Valencia. Then stretch out to KFJC, KALX and WFMU. There are so many brilliant non-commercial music stations across the dial (terrestrial and otherwise).

Get listening.


Radio Valencia is a self-funded endeavor. If you are enjoying our shows, I'd like to ask you to donate a few dollars our way. This link will take you to our PayPal, which is hosted by SFIndyMedia, our non-profit benefactor. All donations go to Radio Valencia. Thank you in advance.

Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

Sugar is a Gateway Drug: Paul Leary
Just A Dream Away: Wipers
Meat: Idiot Flesh

Red Right Hand: Giant Sand
Do You Take This Man?: Diamanda Galas with John Paul Jones

When the Levee Breaks: John Paul Jones and Friends
Anarchy in Español: Storm and the Balls

Sinnerman: Nina Simone
Hardin Wouldn't Run: Johnny Cash
Himig Natin: Juan Dela Cruz

Rare To Wake: Shannon Lay
XM/Starship: Jefferson Starship

I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: X
Dirty Sanchez: Iggy Pop
I'm Gonna Buy Me A Train Ticket: Carey Bell

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath, Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath: Flower Travelin' Band
Things I've Said: Buzzed Lightbeer

Body Count: Ice T
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Lawrence Welk Singers

Hell's Kitchen Radio #466: We Put the Fun in Funds
February 14, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #466: We Put the Fun in Funds
I brought so much fabulous vinyl into the studio tonight, just to find the turntables were out of service. Ugh. No bueno. luckily I also brought a handful of CDs and a packed hard drive. Not to worry, I'm always prepared.

I'm reminded of my earliest days in radio, starting at KFJC in late 1988. I was trained by the magnificent and wacky Hell 'n' Hairspray. She alerted me to the need to always be prepared. Have a few CDs cued up, just in case what you want to play doesn't. Good advice.

On Monday night I still found a way to share lots of new music, including Iggy Pop, Death Valley Girls, Psi-Psonics, and Brigid Dawson. I also pay tribute to the Funk Goddess, Betty Davis, who passed away last week at the tender age of 77. Did you know she wrote a new tune back in 2019? This was news to me. Listen to it in the second hour.

I was also excited to find some music I haven't listened to in quite a while, as I was hunting through my CD collection for a few items. You'll really get a kick out of "Tommy In Seven Seconds" by the Vital Records gang. Thanks to Jim Fourniadis who ran the label and was also guitarist/singer for the New Jersey punk outfit Rats of Unusual Size. What a mench!

There's something here for everybody. You really do need Radio Valencia in your life. Turn off that commercial radio dreck. It'll take years off your life.

Radio Valencia gives tickets away to shows at Bottom of the Hill every week. Tune into my show and many others to get a chance to go see some great music at a great venue.

We're also hosting a live fundraiser at next door neighbor's place, Make Out Room on Sunday, March 27th. Details coming soon. We need your funds to keep up the fun.

Enjoy and please share.


Radio Valencia is a self-funded endeavor. If you are enjoying our shows, I'd like to ask you to donate a few dollars our way. The link on the homepage will take you to our PayPal, which is hosted by SFIndyMedia, our non-profit benefactor. All donations go to Radio Valencia. Thank you in advance.

Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

James Bond: Iggy Pop
When I'm Free: Death Valley Girls

Revolution: Night Beats
Money: The Flying Lizards
Mad Moth: The Bobby Lees

Tommy In Seven Minutes: Vital Records Comp
Can't Call You: Rats of Unusual Size
Teardrops From My Eyes: Ray Condo and His Ricochets

White Linen: Blüchunks
The Cradle: Psi-Psonics
Broadway Sam: Iceberg Slim
My Wild Love: The Doors

Saeta: Miles Davis
The Special Trip: Embryo

Uptown: The Chambers Brothers
Anti Love Song: Betty Davis
He Was A Big Freak: Betty Davis

Get Ready For Betty: Betty Mabry
Born on the Bayou: Betty Davis
Shut Off The Light: Betty Davis

A Little Bit Hot Tonight: Betty Davis/Danielle Maggio
Serenade to a Cuckoo: Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Trixxx: Brigid Dawson and the Mothers Network
In That Great Gettin' Up In The Morning: The New Gospel Keys

Hell's Kitchen Radio #465: We Love You EB
January 31, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #465: We Love You EB
Well my dear friend Eric "EB" Brown passed away on Monday morning. What a dear man he was. Always ready with a smile and a quick retort. I appreciated him in more ways than I can count. I'll miss you, dear friend. My heart goes out to your wonderful wife, Cat, and your entire family. My heart also goes out to our large circle of friends, who have lost countless lives over the past decade.

Fuck cancer.

Do you ever think about how you're going to die? I think I'm going to be stabbed to death. Isn't that a lovely thought? I've thought about this more times than I care to admit; almost always when I'm walking in a compromised neighborhood, late at night. "Will I make it out of here alive" is usually the question I ask myself. So far, so good.

Don't be so nihilistic, Mr. Hell.

I have no death wish. I would love to be happy and healthy deep into my senior years. I want to see my kids grow up, reaching their dreams, or at least finding stability. That would be nice. And there's too much music to enjoy. I need to be spinning records for a few more decades, thank you very much.

But when I think about who we've lost, I fairly confident these very active and creative people also wanted to keep engaging and producing for many more years. They didn't ask for this. And they fought against it, tooth and nail.

Fuck cancer.

I think about what Jerry Garcia said about how he was going to live this life: "I choose fun". He died young, only 53. And he died with a smile on his face. Of course it was the drugs and diabetes that did him in. Luckily I have no drug addiction, and I'm healthier than I've been in many many years.

I'm reminded what Miles Davis said about drugs: "When you're rich, cocaine ain't a habit." Thanks Miles.

This show wasn't meant to turn into a memorial, but many of the songs have that flavor. New music from Eric McFadden, Death Valley Girls, Le Butcherettes, Brigid Dawson, JD Pinkus, Pedro Connect, and red Fang.

Thanks as always for your support. We honestly couldn't do what we do if it wasn't for the monthly dues from our station volunteers, and it's not enough to keep us afloat. We're going to start an online fundraiser soon, letting you know what we need and how much it's going to cost. Anything you can send our way is appreciated. Click on the PayPal link on the homepage to help out your favorite San Francisco community radio station.

Enjoy and please share.

Oh, and fuck cancer.


Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

Eagles Over America: ShitKit
Ballad of Dwight Fry: Eric McFadden

Sun Goddess: Earth Wind and Fire (For EB)
Dread Lion: The Upsetters

When I'm Free: Death Valley Girls
Alone and Stoned: King Tuff
Ra Wah Wah: Psychic Ills

Heartbreak Jazz: Brigid Dawson and the Mother's Network
Hummingbird: Bob Seger

Fungus Shui: JD Pinkus
Across the Universe: The Space Lady

The Universe: Le Butcherettes
Pedro: The Toulon - Pedro Connect

Last Of His Kind: Neil Young
Parchman Farm: John Mayall with Eric Clapton
Kicked Out: Dead Moon

Unreal Estate: Red Fang

January 24, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Fun show, Fun and eclectic setlist. There are times when I blindly choose my records, and play the "how will this sound together" game. It's hit and miss. Tonight was hit! I really had a lot of fun and I think it shows.

Radio Valencia is promoting a lot of co-presents at Bottom of the Hill these days, and Saturday, January 29th is going to be a real winner. Join us for Dr. Madd Vibe, featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone. Eric McFadden in in support and local rockers Dizzy Twin is opening. I saw Eric and Angelo on Friday night at Ivy Room, and I could not stop dancing and laughing. What an amazing show!!! Tickets are still available.

I'll be you MC for this show, and rumor has it Angelo is hosting a mask making contest! Or something like this. This is a 20+ only show, vaccine proof required, and you MUST keep your mask on throughout the show (other than while you're drinking).

Now, on with the show.

Enjoy and please share.


Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Bee Karma: WAND
Verwandlung: Embryo

I Ain't Got A Home: Bob Dylan
Bird Animal: King Buzzo with Trevor Dunn
A Change is Gonna Come: The Gits

The N.W.R.A.: The Fall
Inner City Blues: Grover Washington Jr.

Tree Smoke: Kikagaku Moyo
Corpuscle Through Time: Heavy Blanket
The Circle Game: Joni Mitchell (with James Taylor)

Saviour Machine: Redd Kross
The Anti-Heroine: Towanda

Party At Ground Zero: Fishbone
Bales of Cocaine: Reverend Horton Heat
My Sick Mind: The Roches
Spoonman: Melvins with Matt Cameron

Canerican: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Down At The Rock Club: Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Moral Majority: Circle Jerks
Bottle Up And Go: John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat

Beautiful Stranger: Kevin Morby

Hell's Kitchen Radio #463: Chip Off The Hell Block
January 17, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #463: Chip Off The Hell Block
Nothing brings me greater joy than to share my love of music and radio with my wonderful daughter, Lauson. She's my dream girl, literally. She came to me in a dream a few years before she was conceived and told me her name. She even spelled it for me. It was a seven year old version of her, all with the curly hair she was graced with. I woke up, looked at her mother and said "we're going to have a daughter named Lauson. L.A.U.S.O.N.". She replied "we're having kids?". We chose not to know the sex of the baby before she was born, but I already knew it was Lauson headed our way.

Lauson first joined me on Radio Valencia when she was 10 years old, ten years ago! I think this was Lauson's 15th time on with me. Links to her previous episodes are below. I've marked all of her song choices. It's really interesting to see where my influence started and where hers took off. She's got an excellent ear for many genres. I couldn't be more proud. How is she a senior in high school already?

Do I dream of her walking into her college radio station and blowing them all away? Of course I do. I also refuse to live vicariously through my children. She does have a pretty good airname though. And really, can you imagine what her peers would think when they hear she's been involved in community radio since she was 7? HA! Ok ok ok, I'll stop now.



Dholak Gheet: The Family of Apostolic
Somebody To Love: Kalyanji Anandji
Cold Sweat: Bernard Purdie

Why? (The King of Love is Dead): Nina Simone
River Deep Mountain High: Ike and Tina - L
The Sky Is Crying: Sonny Boy Williamson

Lady Grinning Soul: David Bowie - L
Wake Up Alone: Amy Winehouse - L
Listening to Music: A Child's Garden of Grass
Basically Frightened: Col. Bruce Hampton and Animal Rescue Unit

Be Ever Wonderful: Ted Taylor - L
Duckworth: Kendrick Lamar - L
Run Run Run: White Fence

Late Nights and Heartbreak: Hannah Williams and the Affirmations - L
Savoy Truffle: The Beatles - L
Hypocrisy: Millie Jackson

I Gotta Find Peace of Mind: Lauren Hill - L
Whisper to Me: Cecile Campbell
High and Lonesome: Robert Plant and Alison Krause

Working for the Knife: Mitzky - L
When I Paint My Masterpiece: The Band

We Gotta Get Outta This Place: The Animals
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell's Kitchen Radio #462: Never Draw Attention To The Mistakes
January 10, 2022 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #462: Never Draw Attention To The Mistakes
Way back in my college radio days (even before that when I was taking announcing classes at College of San Mateo (CSM), from KKHI announcer, and father of the deepest radio voice I have ever heard, Daniel Odom), I was told to never draw attention to the mistakes. No one really ever pays attention, and if one makes mention of it, then the listener is apt to start to judge the announcer and hence, the station itself.

I took that to heart.

Once at KFJC, when I was know at the Reverend Dah Wave, I couldn't help but trip over my inexperienced tongue from time to time; especially in the middle of the night, where the new DJs are expected to host shows for six months before moving onto a non-graveyard shift. Those graves were used to learn more about the vast musical library KFJC has, and learn my voice.

Mistakes were made.

I started taking the approach of drawing attention to them if the moment warranted it. More often than not the moment did not warrant it. I'm pretty deft when it comes to reading and enunciation. My dear friend Amacker "Rocket J. Squirrel" Bullwinkle, who hosted Friday's 6-10am would often co-host our transition when I came on for the 10-2pm Jazz/Soul/Funk show I hosted "Temple of the Bird". She would throw a PSA at me (that's public service announcement to those who do not know), testing to see how well I could read it live on air, without a pre-read. You cannot fool good Reverend.

As for the moments where I slipped up in a miserable manner, often not taking the time to thoroughly check the music I had just played to back announce properly, I would run a lot of names and titles together, and forget something vital, leading a handful of "ums" and "ahs". I would then purposely stumble and bumble in an even more animated way, to show that I am above nothing.

Monday night was a lot like this. Our new studio has a lot of needs, including a new turntable and a new router. And my beloved 5TB WD hard drive is starting to crap out. I purchased a 12TB backup this week, and am backing everything up as I write. Back it up, folks.

Monday night my hard drive crapped out a few times, and only when I was about to move into a song. And the server was being a real bore. And the damnable turntable was mocking me! This led to more than one mic break being something akin to a disaster movie, sans the soundtrack; which is sad, because I have an impressive soundtrack collection.

We got the server working, I have a new hard drive, and my fingers are crossed someone got turntable one working properly, leading up to my next show, this Monday 8-10PM PST, featuring the return of my delightful daughter, Little Lauson Hell to the Radio Valencia studio.

Tune in and find out.

Enjoy and go back up your files.


Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Some Velvet Morning: Vanilla Fudge

Beautiful Strangers: Kevin Morby
No Place To Fall: Townes Van Zandt
Frankie and Albert: Taj Mahal

Cat Black: Ty Segall
Mr. Charlie: Lightnin' Hopkins
I Want It: Thee Headcoatees
Rocket Reducers #62: Melvins

Venus in Furs: Velvet Underground
Why Are We Waiting/Create the Visitor: Negativland

Somewhere To Go: Brownout
Darkest Light: Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Wesley's Theory: Kendrick Lamar

Can't Help Thinking About Me: David Bowie
Mogho Naba (King of Kings): The Pyramids
50 Year Old Man: The Fall

Halloween: Siouxsie and the Banshees

Hell's Kitchen Radio #461: Flippin' Out With Stephen DePace
December 27, 2021 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #461: Flippin' Out With Stephen DePace
What an honor it was to host the drummer of one of the most influential bands in a generation (or three), Stephen DePace of Flipper! I've interviewed Ted Falcone and Rachel Thoele back in 2019, in preparation for Flipper's 40th anniversary, and this time around Stephen came in to talk up the Radio Valencia co-presents at Bottom of the Hill on December 30th and New Year's Eve!

What started as an interview, quickly became a Flipper retrospective, as Stephen brought all of their releases with him (of which I had all of them of course), and told some brilliant stories about each track.

Really, this is a must listen show for all of you aging punk rockers, and Flipper fans. Even you youngsters should check this out to add to your punk street cred. Ha!

Join Radio Valencia Thursday, December 30th, and Friday, New Year's Eve for Flipper, comedian Neil Hamburger, Mike Watt and the Missingmen (12/30 only), and Electric Machine Gun Tits (NYE only).

I'm your MC on 12/30!

Radio Valencia will have a merch table with brand new RV t-shirts for sale, $15-$20 sliding scale donation.

Bottom of the Hill has a strict COVID protocol. You must show your vaccination card upon entry, and anyone seen with their mask off (other than for drink or food), will be told to leave. No exceptions!

Go to Bottom of the Hill for tickets and info. We can't wait to ring in the new year with Flipper and YOU!



The White Man's Got A God Complex: Last Poets
Ever: Flipper
Shed No Tears: Flipper

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

Get Away: Flipper
Santa Dog: The Residents
Time Axe Bag Dad: Club Foot Orchestra
Sex Bomb Baby: Flipper

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly: Flipper
Clench To Stay Awake: The Garden
Hog Leg: Melvins
The Light, The Sound: Flipper

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

Life: Flipper
No Fun: The Stooges

Interview with Stephen DaPace (Flipper dummer)

We're Not Crazy: Flipper
Triple Mass: Flipper
Ha Ha Ha: Flipper

Hell's Kitchen Radio #460: Stick This In Your Stocking
December 20, 2021 8:00pm


A Season in Hell
Hell's Kitchen Radio #460: Stick This In Your Stocking
I was just in a mood, I guess. It is the holiday I suppose. I don't have seasonal affective disorder, or any disorder I care to blather on about, as far as I or my therapist knows. I will say that I am daddy-daycare for the next two weeks, since my bride be working, and that is enough to make someone run to the hills, regardless of how much you love the little tyke.

I don't think I was paying attention to the upcoming holiday until the morning of this show. I did not plan on doing anything special for this particular program, yet I do have a collection of music set for just such an occasion. I wasn't going to leave you hanging.

If you listen to me talk, it sounds like I'm blathering (there's that word again?) on and on about something that sounds me. And you know what, it the time. Feel free to comment on whatever floats your boat. Flies your kite. Walks your dog. Jerks your chain. You keep it going now.

There are some delightful alternate takes from box sets and deluxe editions thrown in, as usual. I went record shopping last week, so there are some items thrown in I was excited to get. "New" music from Art Blakey, The Bobby Lees, EXEK, Mike Krol, and new John Dwyer. I also shared a real treat that my buddy, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and all around fine fella, Mark Growden, shared with me from French singer/songwriter Alain Bashung. There are very few people that I trust to offer a tune that I know I can blindly throw into a set. This one worked just fine. Welcome to this very exclusive club, Mark.

That being said, my father raised me to be extremely inclusive. His advice: invite everyone to the party. Allow them to decline.

I will always invite you all to this Monday night party.

Next Monday, December 27th, I'm excited to have Flipper drummer, Steve Depace in the studio talking up the December 30 and New Years Eve shows, Radio Valencia is co-presenting at Bottom of the Hill. Make sure to get your tickets fast. They are going to sell out, and it's going to be a blast! Go to for tickets.

Enjoy and please share.


The holidays are upon us and your friendly local radio station could sure use some love. Radio Valencia is a self-funded endeavor. If you are enjoying our shows, I'd like to ask you to donate a few dollars our way. The link on our homepage will take you to our PayPal, which is hosted by SFIndyMedia, our non-profit benefactor. All donations go to Radio Valencia. Thank you in advance.

Hell's Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM PST
Radio Valencia in SF

Little Drummer Boy: Lou Rawls
Fuck Christmas: FEAR
Shapes of Things: Jeff Beck Group

Troubled Times: Thee Headcoats
Gong Splat: John Dwyer and Crew
Dear Prudence (Esher Demo): The Beatles

'Round About Midnight: Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers
Motorcycle Dream: Slack Alice

Limosine: The Bobby Lees
Voodoo Dolly: Siouxsie and the Banshees
A Hedonist: EXEK (biased advice)
Meet the Creepers: Destroy All Monsters

Landromat: Rory Gallagher
Grover Rides A Happy Honker: Toychestra with Fred Frith
I Can See For Mile: Petra Hayden

Rated X: Miles Davis
Road Runner: Thee Headcoatees
Neighborhood Watch: Mike Krol (Turkey)
Trim Your Tree: Jimmy Butler

House of the Rising Sun: Ramblin' Jack Elliot
Madmae Rève: Alain Bashung
Merry Christmas From The Family: Robert Earl Keen

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas: Allan Sherman
Good Night, Sleep Tight: Lawrence Welk Singers

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