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Hey Good Lookin'
June 21, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Hey Good Lookin'
2:07pm: Roling With The Punches by David Allen Coe from Spectrum V!

2:09pm: Semi Truck by Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen from Hot Licks Cold Steel Trucker Favorites

2:10pm: Sin City by The Flying Burrito Brothers from The Flying Burrito Brothers LP

2:12pm: Country Guitar by Phil Baugh from The Fabulous Sounds Of those Nashville Cats

2:15pm: The Lovin Machine by Johnny Paycheck from The Lovin Machine

2:18pm: Just To Satisfy You by Jerry Reed from Cookin

2:21pm: Belles Of Southern Bell by Del Reeves from The Very Best Of

2:24pm: Don't Come Home A Drinkin (With Lovin On Your Mind) by Loretta Lynn from Don't Come Home A Drinkin (With Lovin On Your Mind)

2:26pm: Movin On by Ernest Tubb from All Time Hits

2:30pm: Love Sick Blues by Hank Williams from Hank Williams on Stage

2:37pm: Stalkin by Duane Eddy from Surfin

2:39pm: Night Life by Willie Nelson from The Storm Has Just Begun

2:40pm: High On A Hiltop by Tommy Collins from This Is Tommy Collins

2:48pm: Lets Drink Alone Together by Tommy Collins from This Is Tommy Collins

2:52pm: You took him off my hands by Patsy Cline from Songs Of Harlan Howard

2:56pm: I thought Of Leaving You by Kitty Wells from Country Music Time LP

2:57pm: I can't go home like this by Ray Price from The Honky Tonk Years LP

3:02pm: Family Reunion by David Allen Coe from The Mystirious Rhinstone COwbay

3:08pm: Big Mamou by Waylon Jennings from Waylon Jennings

3:08pm: Hey Good Lookin by Dave Dudley from Diesel Express

3:11pm: Girl At The Bar by Conway Twitty from See My Angel Cry

3:18pm: Jesus Was A Capicorn by Kris Kristofferson from Jesus Was A Capicorn

3:33pm: There Stands the Glass by Jimmy Dean from Nashville Showtime

3:33pm: Back Bay Shuffle by Jimmy Rivers from Brisbane Bop

3:41pm: Lucky Heartache In Town by Hank Thompson sand the Brazos Valley Boys from Luckiest Heartache IN Town

Rollin' on the river
June 14, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Rollin' on the river
2:12pm: Country Pie by Bob Dylan from Nashville Skyline

2:13pm: I'm Hurtin' by Roy Orbinson from Lonely and Blue

2:15pm: Pancho and Lefty by Townes Van Zant from Live at the Old Quarter

2:15pm: Vince Triple O Martin by Jerry Jeff Walker from Bein Free

2:17pm: Pick Up The Tempo by Jerry Jeff Walker from Riding High

2:29pm: Are You Ready For The Country by Waylon Jennings from Are You Ready For The Country

2:31pm: Down At Kelly's by Johnny Paycheck from Jukebox Charlie

2:33pm: Sweet Fever by Don Williams from Your My Best Friend

2:35pm: If You Don't Like Hank Williams by Kris Kristofferson

2:39pm: Ashville Junction by Hoyt Axton from GreenBack Dollar

2:42pm: Black Rose by Waylon Jennings from Honky Tonk Heroes

2:44pm: Silver Wings by Merle Haggard from Best Of

2:47pm: My Hi-Fi To Cry By by Bonnie Owens

2:49pm: Honky Tonk Hard Floor by Johnny Horton from Honky Tonk Man

2:52pm: Thanks A Lot by Johnny Cash from The Sun Singles

2:57pm: Under Your Spell Again by Quarterman Jack

2:59pm: If You Ain't Loving by Faron Young from Family Favorites

3:00pm: Lost Highway by Hank Williams

3:06pm: Someone Like Me by Misisipi Mike Live in the Studio

3:06pm: Pacific Slope by Robbie Fulks

3:15pm: Hillbilly Wolf by Dave Dudley from On The Road

3:16pm: Rockin IN The Congo by Hank Thompson sand the Brazos Valley Boys from On The Road

3:19pm: Crazy Arms by Ernest Tubb from All Time Hits

3:20pm: Call Your Mother by Johnny Cash from Out Among The Stars

3:25pm: Lazy Days by Flyin Burrito Brothers from Burrito Deluxe

3:35pm: I'm Movin On by Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings from Out Among the Stars

3:38pm: If you were mine to lose by Loretta Lynn

3:40pm: A Story Untold by Johhny Otis from Johnny Otis Show

3:41pm: Why You Been Gone So Long? by Johhny Darrell

3:42pm: Guitar Man by Duane Eddy from Twangin Up A Storm

3:46pm: Dry Humping In The Back Of A 55 Chevy by Chinga Chavins from Country Porn

3:51pm: Picking up The Pieces by Poco

3:54pm: Get Rythym by Rosie Flores from Girl Of The Century

Let's Rock This Bar
June 7, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Let's Rock This Bar

Cowgirl Basics
May 31, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Cowgirl Basics
2:11pm: Goodbye Lonesome hello Baby Doll by Johnny Horton from Honky Tonk Man

2:19pm: Coming Home by Johnny Horton from Honky Tonk Man

2:20pm: In The Valley Of The Moon by Hank Thompson from Favorite Waltzes

2:21pm: Don't Start The Music by George Jones

2:22pm: Walking The Strings by Merle Travis from The Merle Travis Guitar

2:24pm: Cash On The Barrelhead by Louvin Brothers

2:25pm: Gentle On My Mind by Bobbie Gentry and Glen Cambell

2:28pm: Me And Paul by Willie Nelson

2:34pm: Take This Job And Shove It by Johnny Paycheck

2:36pm: Price Of Love by Everly Brothers

2:42pm: Basin Street Blues by Charlie McCoy from Charlie McCoy Harpin The Blues

2:46pm: Cowboy Peyton Place by Doug Sham

2:47pm: Me And The IRS by Johnny Paycheck

2:52pm: Motel Time by Johnny Paycheck

2:53pm: Eleven Months 29 Days by Dave Alvin

2:56pm: Down At Kellies by Johnny Paycheck

3:18pm: I never Needed Another You by Don Williams

3:19pm: Hillbilly Band by Marshal Tucker

3:25pm: Rambling Man by Hank Williams Jr.

3:29pm: Fighting Side Of Me by Merle Haggard

3:31pm: Wasn't Born IN Tennessee by Chip Taylor

3:33pm: Is Anything Better Then This by Chet Atkins and Merle Travis from The Atkins Travis Traveling Show

3:45pm: I Guess I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by Faron Young from Greatest Hits Volume 2

3:45pm: I'm Blue by Pete Drake

3:51pm: What DO You Do When You Are Lonesome by Bobby Bare

3:51pm: What DO You Do When You Are Lonesome by Justin Townes Earl

3:53pm: Be Real by Tom Paul Glaser

Boy, I got a vision
May 24, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Boy, I got a vision
2:48pm: Long Gone Daddy by Hank Williams

2:51pm: Joe Don't Let Your Music Kill You by Tom T Hall

2:58pm: T For Texas by Tompall Glaser

3:02pm: Omaha by Waylon Jennings

3:08pm: Call Your Mother by Johnny Cash

3:12pm: Take a City Bride by Ricky Nelson

3:18pm: Six Pack to Go by Hank Thompson sand the Brazos Valley Boys

3:18pm: Lonesome Orn'ry and Mean by Steve Young

3:19pm: Another Sad Country Song by Geezenslaw Brothers

3:46pm: Wasted Days Wasted Nights by Doug Sahm

3:46pm: by Johnny Burnettw

3:47pm: Heatache By The Numbers by Waylon Plays Harlan

3:48pm: Old Violin by Larry Cordle

3:48pm: Still Love You by Hankshaw Hawkins

3:49pm: What Makes Bob Holler by Bob Wills

3:55pm: Tupelo Mississippi Flash by Jerry Reed

Ride a Horse
May 17, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Ride a Horse

Gotta Get Drunk
May 10, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Gotta Get Drunk
2:32pm: Gotta Get Drunk by Waylon WIllie and the Gang

2:34pm: Jesus ect. by WIlco

2:35pm: Okalona Tennessee by Kenny Vaughn

2:38pm: You'll Never Be Mine Again by Levon Helm

2:39pm: Truck Driving Man by Red Volker

2:39pm: Wine Stained Heart by Tom Armstrong

2:41pm: Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised by Johnny Paycheck

2:42pm: Balinese by ZZ Top

2:43pm: Son Of Saguaro by Hacienda Brothers

2:48pm: Mama Couldn't be persuade by Warren Zevon

2:50pm: Louisiana Blue by Radney Foster

2:53pm: Mama Tried by Merle Haggard

2:54pm: Home TO Houston by Steve Earle

Yoohoo. I'll make you famous!
May 3, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Yoohoo. I'll make you famous!
2:05pm: She Got The Goldmine by Jerry Reed

2:08pm: Turn My Radio ON by Jim Ford

2:13pm: Annie's onna Sing Her Song by Bob Dylan

2:14pm: I'd Jump The Mississippi by George and Melba

2:16pm: If you Were Me by Dwight Yoakum

2:19pm: Never Been This Far Before by Conway Twitty

2:21pm: Have I Told You Lately I Love You by Marty Robbins

2:26pm: If these walls could cry by Dallas Wayne

2:30pm: I'll Be A Hero When I Strike by Merle Haggard

2:32pm: Guitar Picking Man by Don Rich and the Buckaroos

2:34pm: Aieee by Hank Williams Jr

2:39pm: Brand New Tennessee Waltz (demo) by Don Williams

2:42pm: Me and Paul by Doug Sahm and Bob Dylan

2:46pm: Hello Walls by Donny Young

2:47pm: Back Street Affair by Allison Moorer

2:53pm: Sounds Better in The Song by Drive By Truckers

2:57pm: Sisters Coming Home by Willie Nelson

3:01pm: I Love This Song by Ben Adkins

3:03pm: Bring It On Home To Me by George Jones

3:09pm: Omaha by Waylon Jennings

3:12pm: Seven Bridges Road by Ian Matthews

3:16pm: Renegade Picker by Steve Young

3:19pm: Lonesome Ornery and Mean by Waylon Jennings

3:24pm: Why You Been Gone So Long? by Mickey Newbury

3:28pm: Take Me Back To San Francisco by John Miller and the Radio Sweethearts

3:31pm: Paradise by John Prine

3:45pm: Beat The Devil by Kris Kristofferson

3:48pm: Motorcycle Momma by Sailcat

3:51pm: Lay Some Loving On Me by Lonnie Mack

3:54pm: Multiple Heartaches by Gosdin Brothers

3:56pm: Endless Sleep by Jody Reynolds

Come here, boy!
April 26, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Come here, boy!
2:21pm: Race On by Loretta Lynne

2:22pm: It Just Looks That Way by Loretta Lynne

2:23pm: I've Been Everywhere by Lynn Anderson

2:26pm: Take Me by Tammy Wynette and George Jones

2:33pm: Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette

2:35pm: Short Cut by Tanya Tucker

2:37pm: Not Fade Away by Tanya Tucker

2:40pm: Sweet Nothings by Breda Lee

2:45pm: Fujiyama Mama by Wanda Jackson

2:45pm: If I Could See The World by Patsy Cline

2:47pm: Lonely Is A Word by Kitty Wells

2:58pm: INstant Love by Doris Day

2:59pm: Country Girl Courtship by Rise Lee and Joe Maphis

3:01pm: You Were OnlY Fooling by COnnie Francis

3:02pm: Your Through Fooling Me by Patty Loveless

3:11pm: I'm So Happy I Found You by Lucinda Williams

3:13pm: Loniness Found Me by Dolly Parton

3:15pm: Jolene by The Little Wilies

3:16pm: Aint Got You by Rosie Flores

3:23pm: Mama Says IT's Naughty by Rose Maddox

3:26pm: Trail Of Broken Hearts by KD Lang

3:30pm: Wildwood FLower by Joan Baez

3:33pm: Mule On The Mountain by The Be Good Tanyas

3:36pm: Don't Forget This Song by The Carter Family

3:39pm: Blue Boy by Joni Mitchell

3:41pm: Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me by The Carter Family

3:47pm: Im Moving ALong by Betty Jo Star

3:48pm: Minneapolis by Lucinda WIlliams

3:58pm: Ballerina Meana Jane by Pirates Canoe

3:58pm: Shenendoah by Pirates Canoe

Play something country
April 19, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Play something country
2:25pm: Renegade Picker by Steve Young

2:28pm: I Like My Chicken Fryin Size by Merle Travis

2:37pm: Fly Like An Eagle by The Mrashall Tucker Band

2:41pm: Old 45s by Dallas Wayne

2:46pm: Honky Tonk Heroes by Waylon Jennings

2:46pm: Lost and Found by Derailers

2:56pm: Plastic Saddle by Jerry Reed

2:56pm: I'm The Man by Cornell Hurd Band

2:58pm: Free Born Rambling Man by David Allen Coe from Long Haird Redneck

3:00pm: Roll Another Number For The Road by Neil Young from On The Beach

3:05pm: If That's Country by Dallas Wayne

3:09pm: Stud Spider by Tony Joe White

3:10pm: Home IN My Hand by Commander Cody and hisLost Planet Airmen

3:21pm: The Fightin Side Of ME by Merle Haggard

3:24pm: Whiskey River by Johnny Bush

3:26pm: Under Your Spell by Dwight Yoakum

3:30pm: Go Home To Her by Norma Jean

3:33pm: This Song OF Mine by Back Pocket

3:35pm: Little Stream Of Whiskey by Doc Watson

3:49pm: Tennessee Border by Hank Williams

3:51pm: Red Wing by Mabelle Carter

3:51pm: Live in the Studio by Misisipi Mike

Wild Wild West
April 12, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Wild Wild West
2:06pm: One Of These Day I'm Gonna Get Mad (And Leave You) by T. Texas Tyler from T.Texas Tyler

2:09pm: Remember The Alamo by Tex Ritter from Songs From The Western Screen

2:13pm: Heartache By The Numbers by Webb Pierce

2:13pm: Down On The Corner Of Love by Red Sovine

2:18pm: Honky Tonk Blues by Hank Williams

2:20pm: Old Records by Kitty Wells

2:21pm: Falling Falling Falling by Ray Price

2:23pm: Yellow Rose Of Texas by Hankshaw Hawkins

2:27pm: Hawaiin Shore by Hank Snow

2:33pm: I Told You So by Ernest Tubb

2:33pm: Red River Valley by Marty Robbins

2:35pm: Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakimoto

2:40pm: Cowboy Swing by Hank Penny

2:42pm: Mainstreet Breakdown by Merle Travis and Joe Maphis

2:53pm: Men With Evil Hearts by Dottie West

3:02pm: Motel Time Again by Johnny Paycheck

3:03pm: Yes Sir Thats My Baby by Rick Nelson

3:03pm: Born To Lose by Ray Price

3:04pm: Plastic Saddle by Jerry Reed

3:06pm: Radio Song by Ray Wylie Hubbard

3:10pm: The Taker by Kris Kristopherson

3:12pm: Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers by Ray Wylie Hubbard

3:15pm: The Alfonzo Horton Memorial Rag by Hunt and Peck

3:23pm: Rawhide by Sheb Wooley

3:24pm: Luthar Played The Boogie Woogie by Johnny Cash

3:26pm: Fire On The Strings by Joe Maphis

3:27pm: Highway Man by Texas Troubadors

3:31pm: Looking For Blues Eyes by Jessi Colter

3:34pm: Gotta Go Get My Baby by Marvin Rainwater

3:36pm: Good Hearted Woman by Waylon and Willie

3:49pm: Out Among The Stars by Johnny Cash

3:53pm: A Dime At A Time by Del Reeves

3:53pm: Linda On My Mind by Conway Twitty

Country Western Russians
April 5, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Country Western Russians
2:06pm: I Don't Want to Talk About It by Crazy Horse

2:11pm: Chug A Lug by Roger Miller

2:14pm: Fifteen Beers by Johnny Paycheck

2:17pm: If It Hadn't Been For Love by SteelDrivers

2:20pm: Are You Missing Me? by Jim and Jesse

2:23pm: Money Back Guarantee by Todd Grebe and Cold Country

2:27pm: Me and Paul by Willie Nelson

2:34pm: Cherokee Maiden by Ray Price

2:34pm: Falling Leaves by Grandpa Jones

2:36pm: Fox On The RUn by Dale Watson

2:39pm: Rock Me Baby by Buddy Holly and the Crickets

2:41pm: We Got Dinnertime by Jim Ford

2:44pm: Give Back the Keys to My Heart by Uncle Tupelo

2:50pm: Red Dirt Girl by Emmylou Harris

2:54pm: Grandma Funderbunk by Clarence White

2:55pm: Ain't No Easy Run by Dave Dudley

2:58pm: Dixie Fried by Carl Perkins

3:00pm: Easy Street by Split Lip Rayfield

3:07pm: I Miss A Lot of Trains by Tom T Hall

3:08pm: I'm Tired of Singing My Song In Las Vegas by Everly Brothers

3:13pm: Your Biggest Fan by Dallas Wayne

3:16pm: Dance Dance Dance by Steve Miller Band

3:17pm: Makin' Plans by Don Gibson and Dottie West

3:19pm: I Was The One by Elvis Presley

3:22pm: Talk Back Tremblin' Lips by George Jones

3:27pm: It's Always Raining Somewhere by Robbie Fulks

3:31pm: There Must Be Someone by Gosdin Brothers

3:33pm: Let's Agree to Disagree by Buck Owens

3:36pm: Some Broken Hearts Never Mend by Don Williams

3:38pm: I Shall Be Released by The Box Tops

3:42pm: My Baby Specializes by Delaney & Bonnie

3:45pm: 15 Years Ago by Conway Twitty

3:48pm: Change by Jim Lauderdale

3:52pm: Sliding Delta by Doc and Merle Watson

3:55pm: Threw It All Away by Bob Dylan

3:57pm: Don't Forget to Tell Him by John Miller

The Ladies!
March 29, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
The Ladies!
2:10pm: Buffalo Burgers by Brisbane Bop

2:11pm: Forever My Baby Blue by Lynda Kay

2:12pm: Trembling Lips by Patsy Cline Kitty Wells

2:13pm: How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart by Norah Jones

2:14pm: Molly and TInbrooks by Rose Maddox

2:20pm: Im So Happy I Found You by Lucinda WIlliams

2:21pm: Ashes Of Love by Norma Jean And Wanda Jackson

2:25pm: Lakes Of Ponchartrain by Be Good Tanyas

2:35pm: Sky King by Danny Gatton

2:36pm: The Pill by Lorretta Lynn

2:38pm: One More Night by Bob Dylan

2:45pm: One More Thing by Kaitlin Cary

2:45pm: Switchblade Sisters by Switchblade Sisters

2:47pm: Brown Acid by Woodstock

2:48pm: Chu by Chu

2:50pm: He Made A Woman Out OF Me by Bobby Gentry

2:52pm: Cocaine Blues by Billy Hughss

2:59pm: Golden Rings by George Jones and Tammy Wynette

3:00pm: Your Baby May Be Cheating by Heel Draggers

3:08pm: Something Special by Boot Cuts

3:12pm: Fly Away by Lynda Kay

3:13pm: Will Your Lawyer Talk to God by Kitty Wells

3:17pm: Moving ON by Johnny Cash And Waylon Jennings

3:30pm: One MOre Thing by Misisipi Mike Live in the Studio

3:31pm: Bird ON A Wire by Jack Live In The Studio

3:31pm: Toast TO Absent Friends by Misisipi Mike Live in the Studio

3:32pm: Shenendoah by Pirates Canoe

3:35pm: I can\'t Be Myself by Vince Gill

3:39pm: That Makes Two Of Us by Bonnie Owens and Merle Haggard

3:41pm: Tear The Woodpile Down by Marty Stuart

3:48pm: Buds Bounce by Mental Revenge

3:52pm: Blood Red And Going Down by Tanya Tucker

Long Story Short
March 22, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Long Story Short

Fun Day
March 15, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Fun Day
2:12pm: Thunder Storms and Neon Signs by Wayne Hancock

2:13pm: Moving On by Justin Townes Earle

2:13pm: Old Five And Dimers by Billy Jo Shaver

2:14pm: Thats What You Get for Loving Me by Waylon Jennings

2:14pm: Multiple Heartaches by Gosdin Brothers

2:16pm: A Dime At A Time by Del Reeves

2:19pm: Number Two by Misisipi Mike Wolf

2:22pm: Preachers Ball by Dr. Hook

2:27pm: Christmas In Prison by John Prine

2:27pm: Rocking Chair by The Band

2:32pm: Steel Guitar Rag by Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm

2:36pm: If Id Left It Up To You by Merle Haggard

2:38pm: Internet For Dummies by Tom Paxton

2:41pm: Semi-Crazy by Junior Brown and Red Simpson

2:45pm: It Must Be Someone Else Youve Known by International Submarine Band

2:49pm: Hurt by Johnny Cash

2:54pm: Heroin Addicted Sister by Elizabeth Cook

3:03pm: Holly Roller by Adam Lee

3:07pm: High Plains Jamboree by Robert Earl Keene

3:10pm: Drunken Angel by Lucinda Wlliams

3:14pm: Until You Came Along by Golden Smog

3:18pm: Turn Me ON by Norah Jones

3:46pm: Imogene by Robbie Fulks

3:49pm: Almost Home by CharlieThomas Lindley

Live Performance of the Evangenitals
March 8, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Live Performance of the Evangenitals
2:08pm: Sea Of Heartbreak by Don Gibson

2:09pm: BJ the DJ by Kitty Wells

2:10pm: Juke Joint Johnny by Red Sovine

2:14pm: Honky Tonk Blues by Hank Williams

2:17pm: Ive Been Everywhere by Hank Snow

3:26pm: Don\'t Let The Deal Go Down by Joe Maphis- Merle Travis

3:31pm: A !! by Johnny Paycheck

3:33pm: Back Up A Little Bit by Hank Penny

3:34pm: El Paso by Marty Robbins

3:38pm: Hey Joe by Carl Smith

3:40pm: I\'m Little But I\'m Loud by :Little Jimmy Dickens

3:47pm: Six Pack TO Go by Hank Thompson sand the Brazos Valley Boys

3:48pm: Mixed Up Heart by Tommy Collins

4:04pm: The Only Mistake by Joy Division from Still

March 1, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
2:00 pm Feed The Preacher by Mike Wolf from Wolf and Rider

2:09pm: Ain\'t Gonna Do Without by Tim Hardin from TIm Hardin 1

2:12pm: Thats the ag Im In by Fred Neil from Everybodys Talking

2:17pm: You Been A Good Old Wagon by Dave Van Ronk from Folklore Center

2:20pm: Oh Didn\'t They Crucify My Lord by Gram Parsons from The Early Years LP

2:37pm: Three Day Eternitiy by Richie Havens

2:37pm: Drug Store Truck Drivin Man by Joan Baez and Jeff Shirtleff from Woodstock

2:38pm: Sin City by Flying Burrito Brothers

2:42pm: Rainbow All Over Your Blues by John Sebastian

2:54pm: Early Morning Rain by Gordon Lightfoot

2:57pm: Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

3:00pm: Dusty Old Box Car by Eric Anderson

3:01pm: Creeque Alley by Mamas and the Poppas

3:08pm: Rich Hoax by Rodriguiz

3:09pm: Green eyed Lady by SugarLOaf

3:23pm: Wold by Harry Chapin

3:24pm: Buy Your Son A Gun by Tom Paxton

3:26pm: The \"Fish\" Cheer and Fixing to die rag by Country Joe and the Fish

3:27pm: We are the Cops of the World by Phil Ochs

3:32pm: Reason to Believe by Tim Hardin

3:33pm: When You Get To The Bottom by Robbie Fulks

3:34pm: Denver Rain by Michael Stanley

3:44pm: Father and Son by Loudon Wainwright

3:47pm: Where I lead me by Townes Van Zant

3:49pm: Hill Country Rain by Jerry Jeff Walker

3:52pm: Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

Neko explosion
February 22, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Neko explosion
2:11pm: The Neghbors by Jonathon Richman

2:13pm: Unlucky Man by Daniel Nix

2:15pm: They\'re Tearing THe Labor Camps Down by Merle Haggard

2:20pm: Moaning the Blues by Hank Williams

2:39pm: The Pullmen by The Pullmen

2:47pm: Best of All Possible Worlds by Kris Kristofferson

2:48pm: San Antonio Baby by Raul Malo

2:51pm: Thirty Pieces of Silver by Neighborly Deeds

2:57pm: HIgh Plains Jamboree by Robert Earl Keene

2:59pm: Easy Street by Split Lip Rayfield

3:04pm: I\'m Leaving Now by Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard

3:06pm: Been A Long TIme Leaving by Waylon Jennings

3:08pm: ONe Dyin by Roger Miller

3:11pm: Cricket by Leon Russell

3:26pm: Old Five and Dimers Like Me by Billy Joe Shaver

3:29pm: One Toke Over The Line by Brewer and Shipley

3:32pm: I Never Picked Cotton by Roy Clark

3:34pm: Steel Drivin Man by Whisky Richards

3:37pm: Mamas DOn\'t Let Your Cowboys by Tony Joe White

3:44pm: Sunday by Red Meat

3:48pm: I\'m Looking For My Mind by Merle Haggard

3:49pm: California Free by Rick Nelson

3:53pm: Gear Jammer and the Hobo by Red Sovine and Johnny Bond

3:58pm: Talking Thunderbird Blues by TOwnes Van Zandt

Sad times
February 15, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Sad times
2:11pm: Drug Store Truck Drivinng Man by THe Byrds

2:12pm: Black Rose by Billy Joe Shaver

2:14pm: It\'s Such A Pretty World Today by Wynn Stewart

2:17pm: You\'re Looking At Country by Loretta Lynn

2:22pm: She\'s Got SOme Magic by Jim Lauderdale

2:23pm: Rebel On My Side by Casey James Prestwood

2:26pm: Losing Kind by Johnny Cash

2:26pm: Does My RIng Hurt Your FInger by Charley Pride

2:29pm: To Ramona by Gram Parsons

2:34pm: Detroit City by Jim Ed Brown

2:37pm: No Blues Is Good News by George Jones

2:40pm: It Doesn\'t Matter Anymore by LInda Rondstadt

2:43pm: Don\'t Forget To Tell Him by John Miller and the COuntry Casuals

2:47pm: Six White Horses by Waylon Jennings

2:51pm: Michigan Blackhawk by The Monkees

2:54pm: Big Round Hole Guitar by The Buckaroos

2:56pm: That\'s How I Got To Memphis by Tom T Hall

2:59pm: My Son by Jan Howard

3:04pm: Little Ol Wine Drinker Me by Lefty Frizzel

3:06pm: I\'m Looking FOr My Mind by Merle Haggard

3:09pm: If It Hadn\'t Been For Love by The Steeldrivers

3:13pm: Please Don\'t Bury Me by John Prine

3:15pm: Alone and Forsaken (demo) by Hank Williams

3:31pm: I\'ve Been Looking For You by Rick Nelson

3:33pm: No Matter Where You Go by The Gosdins

3:34pm: This Time I\'ve Hurt Her More by Conway Twitty

3:35pm: Someday Soon by Judy Collins

3:40pm: Somebody Else You Know by International Submarine Band

3:42pm: Lying Again by Buck Owens

3:45pm: A Fool Such As I by Hank Snow

3:47pm: SHe Turns My Radio On by Jim Ford

3:51pm: Feel Like Hank Williams TOnight by Jerry Jeff Walker

3:57pm: Lovesick Blues by Jerry Lee Lewis

3:58pm: I know A Little by Lynyrd Skynyrd

4:01pm: Ramblin Man by Waylon Jennings

Undeniably SIlly
February 8, 2014 2:00pm


Bakersfield and Beyond
Undeniably SIlly
2:13pm: Long Tall Texan by Murry Kellum
2:15pm: Memphis by Lonnie Mack

2:16pm: Sweet Mother Texas by Waylon Jennings

2:20pm: California Blues by Merle Haggard

2:22pm: Boss Guitar by Duane Eddy

2:23pm: Hard Headed Me by Roger Miller

2:25pm: I\'ll Think I\'ll Cheat by Dave Dudley

2:26pm: What Made Milwaukee Famous by Jerry Lee Lewis

2:33pm: Tuck Driving Man by Terry Fell

2:34pm: Milwaukee Here I Come by George Jones

2:37pm: Linda Lou by Bill Monroe

2:39pm: Death at the Bar by Kitty Wells

2:43pm: Lavender Cowboy by Burl Ives

2:44pm: RocknRoll Boogie by Tennessee Ernie Ford

2:47pm: Honky TOnker by Marty Stuart

2:49pm: I Hear You Knocking by Dwight Yoakum

2:54pm: Im Getting Married In the Morning by Jack Turner

2:57pm: Any Ol Time by Allison Krauss

2:58pm: Sweet Nothings by Brenda Lee

3:10pm: No Help Wanted by Red Foley and Ernest Tubb

3:11pm: Let\'s Give Tennessee Credit For Music by Carl Perkins

3:17pm: Bleues Stay Away From Me by Carl Perkins

3:17pm: Bleues Stay Away From Me by The Delmore Brothers

3:18pm: SO you think you\'ve got troubles by Marvin Rainwater

3:19pm: Love Or Spite by Hank Locklin

3:22pm: Our Last Date by Conway Twitty

3:25pm: Hello Trouble by Orville Couch

3:28pm: Yesterday by Tammy Wynette

3:29pm: All The Monkey\'s Ain\'t In The Zoo by Tommy Collins

3:31pm: That\'s How I Got To Memphis by Tom T Hall

3:33pm: Bye By Love by Ray Price

3:36pm: Bird Dog by Everly Brothers

3:49pm: Apache by Jorgen Inghamm

3:50pm: Happy Birthday by Loretta Lynne

3:52pm: Baby I Need Love by Hank Thompson sand the Brazos Valley Boys

3:53pm: Venus In Blue Jeans by Jimmy Clanton

3:56pm: That\'s What I Get For Loving Me by Waylon Jennings

3:58pm: The Race Is On by George Jones

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