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EPISODE #135 "Damn WE move fast!"
October 12, 2021 8:00pm


Culture Fest Show
EPISODE #135 "Damn WE move fast!"
Wassup Mi Gente!

Welcome to EPISODE #135, join JoJo, Bear and myself!

Description coming soon... Or just listen up!

EPISODE #134 "Good Vibes Only"
October 5, 2021 8:00pm


Culture Fest Show
EPISODE #134 "Good Vibes Only"
Welcome to EPISODE #134 Mi Gente!

Join us as we find our galaxy with special guest "Poeta Galactico" straight out of Hella Deep East Oakland! Tonight he shares with us his story, his struggles, his triumphs, his visions, his learnings, and teachings.

From Michoacan MX to East Oakland to Tokyo Japan! Find out the meaning behind his brand "Noxhe Galactica" and what the "X" represents; it gets juicy Mi Gente!

Christian is also a co-founder of an Oakland HighSchool, a writer, artist, and poet who believes each of us has a key to unlock different journeys. He also puts Jojo, Bear, and I in the spot! By asking us what LOVE means to us. What does LOVE mean to you? Be sure to DM us!

Tune in for a night of good vibes, great conversation, and laughs!

Be sure to follow Poeta Galactico @noxhegalactica to check out his podcast and magazine!
You can find his music on SoundCloud "IntheBuilding"

Thank you JoJo and Bear, for a fantastic show! 🥰😎 and congrats to me, Lilly, for always making sure everything runs smoothly!

Catch this replay on our new Saturday segment! 6PM-8PM

EPISODE #133 "Happy Anniversary"
September 28, 2021 8:00pm


Culture Fest Show
EPISODE #133 "Happy Anniversary"
Wassup Mi Gente!!!

Thank you for joining us for our anniversary!

Tonight was popping!!!! We had a fantastic time with all of our guests; we couldn't ask for more! Thank you to everyone that came and showed so much LOVE! I cannot say it enough we are blessed.

Tonight we had:

- Miss Vicky @missvickymusic, who's ranked on the Billboard Top 40 charts for six weeks straight! Be sure to show my girl love and call up your local radio stations to request "Play Too Much" ft Derek King

- Majestic @majestic_tr The Princess of BayArea Trap; tonight, we are fortunate to be the first ones to interview her as she rises to the top!

- Tania @houseofjefas @creativemakersevents Who's the reason why we all came together tonight; stay tuned for her Beats and Treats Fashion Show happening on October 23, 2021, hosted by Lilly 💋

Thank you to Bear for always making sure me and JoJo are on our top game.

Happy Anniversary, Mi Vida! Cheers to many more!

PS Please excuse the audio; I'm working on that 😉

EPISODE #132 "How everything Started"
September 21, 2021 8:00pm


Culture Fest Show
EPISODE #132 "How everything Started"
Wassup Mi Gente!

Welcome to EPISODE #132!!!

We want to say thank you to Radio Valencia Family for opening the doors to our show!

It's been a while since we broadcasted outside of our home studio, and with that, you know we had to share our story! Join us tonight as we take you on a journey that started at CAVA22 and ended up here on Radio Valencia, and this is just the start!

Tonight we have the godfather of Culture Fest, "Bear," sharing his story on how Culture Fest started as an idea and manifested into a movement! This is the first time in three years we've sat down together in a studio! Ohhhhh, the memories!

Shout out to everyone sending us music! Please DM us for more!

@ lilly_stardustinked

La Nena
Hyphy Cumbia

RPxSB with:

Joins us next Tuesday from 8PM-10PM you don't wanna miss it!

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