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[show title]Hell's kitchen radio

[show slogan]Platters that Splatter all over your brain Matter


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DTW 2021.9.2
September 2, 2021 8:00pm


Down the Well
DTW 2021.9.2
Tigerskin - Plus Proche de Toi (L'Opéra des Robots, 2021, Forms & Figures)
Joy Orbison - Better (Still Slipping Vol. 1, 2021, Hinge Finger)
Robert Babicz - Summertime (Summertime, 2021, Babiczstyle)
Hot Lizard - 165 Drop (Love From San Francisco Mix by Charles Webster) (165 Drop, 2021/1996, Pacific)
[break] Yarosslav - Melt (Stateless, 2019, Amselcom)
Lone - Hidden By Horizons (feat. Morgane Diet) (Always Inside Your Head, 2021, Greco-Roman)
DJ Seinfeld - She Loves Me (feat. Stella Explorer) (Mirrors, 2021, Ninja Tune)
Akasha System - Green Sky (Ancient Path, 2021, Akasha System)
[break] Dauwd - Steve (Psssh 002, 2021, Psssh)
Lou Hayter - Time Out of Mind (Ashley Beedle's No' West Club Vocal) (Time Out of Mind, 2021, Loaded)
Deo'Jorge - Sparking Plugs (Prins Thomas Remix) (Robotic Souls EP, 2021, Me Me Me)
Logic1000 - Safe In My Arms (Safe in My Arms / Your Love, 2021, Therapy)
David Douglas - Wade (feat. Erika Spring) (Golden Days, 2021, Atomnation)
Polo & Pan - Peter Pan (Cyclorama, 2021, Hamburger)
Pablo Bolivar - Reflect (Francisco Aguado Remix) (Reflect (Reprise), 2021, Seven Villas)
dOP - Summer Ends (Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan Remix) (Summer Ends, 2021, dOP only)
The Limiñanas - Promenade Oblique (Promenade Oblique, 2021, Berreto)

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