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EPISODE #136 "Frisco Viben" with Special Guests TYSF & Ari Jolie
October 16, 2021 6:00pm


Culture Fest Show Saturday Edition
EPISODE #136 "Frisco Viben" with Special Guests TYSF & Ari Jolie
Oh, shiiiiit! Welcome to our first Saturday Edition Show!

Tonight we are Frisco Viben with The Queen of Da Sco "TYSF" and singer, rapper, musician, tattoo artist "Ari Jolie."

Join us as we get REAL into conversations about their career, plans, goals, music, struggles, and the hustle. Tonight we debut as a Culture Fest Exclusive two never before heard tracks, "Riding Through My City" by TYSF and "Shot Me Down" by Ari Jolie.

Tonight we get deep, and we find out the story behind the artists, how our ladies met, and how that shaped their careers to what it is now. From self-producing tracks to self-directed music videos, these Ladies are coming in HOT!!!! And you only get it here "Culture Fest Show Saturday Edition."

28:40 __ *Start of the Interview*
43:33 __ "Riding Through My City" by TYSF
01:24:59 __ "Shot Me Down" by Ari Jolie

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