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John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza - Monday 6-8PM Pacific - The Who - September 29, 1969
March 14, 2022 6:00pm


John Hells Live Bootleg Bonanza
John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza - Monday 6-8PM Pacific - The Who - September 29, 1969
John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza
Monday's 6-8PM Pacific

I was lucky enough to see The Who on their reunion tour in 1989. This of course was many years removed from the passing of the maniac drummer, Keith Moon. I didn't care. I got to see the three remaining members rock out, hard. HARD!

But this would be nothing compared to the epic 14 years with Moon manning the drum throne. I actually have the show at the Cow Palace where Moon is so drunk he falls off the throne and Townshend asks if there's anyone in the audience who can play the drums? Crazy.
I have a love/meh relationship with The Who. There are times when I go hard for this band, and I really am blown away at the lyricism of Townshend, and the musicianship of the band, often comparing their styles to The Kinks, another of the first wave British Invasion bands. Other times I get bored with them. I think I wish they had an additional guitarist on stage with them, as the power-trioesque aspect of the three musicians did not come across as well-rounded as bands like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, both of whom had a similar lineup.

In this show it sounds as if the stage has about a doze people on it all rocking to their highest peak!

September 29, 1969 at Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands was the place to be. Keith Moon fell hard on the stairs coming to the stage and was still bleeding from his head when the show began. Then Princess (now Queen) Beatrix of the Netherlands was in attendance. You're going to get some of the best performances from their first five years and all of Tommy! This was a band seriously on top of their game! And this Pre-FM source kicks the hell out of what the listeners at home heard.
I know you're going to dig this!

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Support these bands. Buy their officially released music and merch, and never ever sell live bootlegs. These are for trade only.
Stick around Monday's 8-10PM Pacific for my weekly music mix, Hell's Kitchen Radio. Lots of new music to share with you every week.

Enjoy and pay it forward.


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