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Another Fun Episode
May 9, 2022 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Another Fun Episode
Played a bunch of 80' punk to start out, mostly because I played 80's dance music last week. Otherwise just winged it, and it was fun! Check out those amazing Tom Lattanand tracks! Played some Boingo too ,cuz Boingo is good. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

4:01pm Keep A Secret By Baits

4:04pm Mr Moto by Agent Orange

4:06pm It Wasn't a Pretty Picture by Social Distortion

4:09pm Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies

4:13pm The Explorer by D.R.I.

4:14pm Inner Logic by Bad Religion

4:17pm Bite The Hand That Feeds (Instrumental Version) by Agent Orange

4:21pm Jane Says by Jane's Addiction

4:26pm Something For Nothing by Rush

4:30pm Song 2 by Blur

4:33pm: Struck A Nerve by Bad Religion

4:37pm: Contact by The Police

4:39pm: Erin On The Side Of Caution by Primus

4:44pm: Electricity by Ephemerals

4:47pm: The Racetrack by Tom Lattanand

4:51pm: The Rise by Tom Lattanand

4:59pm: N.Y. State Of Mind by Nas

5:04pm: It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube

5:08pm: Get on The Good Foot by James Brown

5:12pm: Slight Whining (fast) by The Blassics, Golden Rules

5:17pm: Pain by Oingo Boingo

5:21pm: Open Letter (To A Landlord) by Living Colour

5:27pm: Guns Of Brixton by The Clash

5:32pm: Trance De Jour by John ScoField

5:36pm: White Caps by Arkadia Jazz All Stars

5:43pm: Spider Man Theme

5:44pm: James Eagle Eye by Arkadia Jazz All Stars

5:51pm: Miles Runs The Voodoo Down by Miles Davis

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