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May 6, 2022 10:00pm


Ask Dr Hal
DISCUSSED, ORDERED AND... delivered? A 3-way colloquy. How to eliminate painful leg cramps-- the "Charlie Horse?" Just... drink pickle juice. Yep. Thanx and a tip o' the Ask Dr. Hal! Fez-Chapeau to "Flash" Hopkins for that one. All sorts of valuable hacks like this. Jett vouches for the Painful Pinch technique. Next door, the roaring club thunders and rages, crescendo-ing and subsiding, surging and falling back. We outlive its sounds, though, because this episode runs for five solid hours. Fortunately, KrOB brings us in some Banana Juice a little after Midnight. Unfortunately, he discovers the vast landscape of technical failures presently plaguing Radio Valencia. HTML error? Who knows-- this show might not even be playable. Why not find out, by giving it a try?

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