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Welcome To The New Dark Ages
June 27, 2022 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
Welcome To The New Dark Ages
Lari Bassilio's title track is featured in this episode of Bo's Veranda. Such a great musician, and so nice to see women break into a male dominated genre of music, instrumental guitar rock. A truly beautiful tune.

Otherwise, In light of our rights being taken away, we played some Doug Stanhope about that issue, and some other tunes regarding the new reality of Religious Government. Last time this happened, it was called the Dark Ages, so welcome to The New Dark Age.

4:02pm: Heat - Instrumental by Freedust

4:05pm: So Say We All by Landroid

4:08pm: Trinty by Snarky Puppy

4:18pm: Your Love by Lari Basillio

4:21pm: Teeth Of The Hydra by Steve Vai

4:26pm: Righteous by Eric Johnson

4:31pm: The Vincent Letter by Fatso Johnson

4:38pm: The Hardest Day by The Mandatory Eight

4:41pm: Introcourse by Killer Kaya

4:44pm: Will Work For Vagina by Doug Stanhope

4:48pm: My Fetus Is A Centerfold by Doug Stanhope

4:56pm: The New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

4:59pm: Come Join Us by Bad Religion

5:01pm: Fuck You by Bad Religion

5:03pm: Only Rain by Bad Religion

5:10pm: Riccochet by Preoccupations

5:14pm: Desire by Fuzzybrains

5:17pm: Cocaine by Kal-El

5:27pm: Bang Bang Boogaloo by Joe Tatton Trio

5:30pm: In Pursuit of Shai Hulud by The Sorcerers

5:34pm: It's A Shame by The Spinners

5:37pm: Fish On by Primus

5:45pm: The Feeling by Joe Satriani

5:46pm: The Phone Call by Joe Satriani

5:49pm: Day At The Beach (New Rays From An Ancient Sun) by Joe Satriani

5:50pm: Happiness Is A Butterfly by Lana Del Rey

5:55pm: Bladerunner Blues by Vangelis

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