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July 8, 2022 10:00pm


Ask Dr Hal
FLITTING FROM TREE TO TREE-- (Wyvern illustration shown) these get their "day in court" on the Show. Other recurring iterations of obsession naturally rise to the surface of discussion, an inevitability when there are no guests to distract the Moderator. In a phylogenetic sense, all volant beings "learned" to fly in the same way-- the only way: from the trees down. Flying reptiles exist-- the Draco volans and its kin, flying snakes and the like. Now we mention these amphibians of the airy realm. They are on the way to full mastery of the air, such as is enjoyed by such robust flyers as flying foxes and other chiropterans. 'Nuff said. With: Bob Nelson, the late Pete Goldie, KrOB, Puzzling Evidence, the late Don Joyce, Jhim Khennedy...

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