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John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza - Monday 6-8PM Pacific - Janis Joplin (1970) & Mdou Moctar (2019)
July 18, 2022 6:00pm


John Hells Live Bootleg Bonanza
John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza - Monday 6-8PM Pacific - Janis Joplin (1970) & Mdou Moctar (2019)
John Hell's Live Bootleg Bonanza
Monday's 6-8PM Pacific

Here's a pairing I think Bill Graham would have been excited to book. First up, considered one of the all-time greatest guitarists, and chances are you have never heard him: Mdou Moctar, all the way from Agadez, Niger, who performs modern rock music inspired by Tuareg guitar music. His first guitar used bicycle cables as strings. His style is a mix of Tuareg mixed with many rock elements. This guy knows his way up and down a fretboard.
I have a short opening set for you performed live at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina, September 07, 2019. This is a clean soundboard recording, where you can hear every note as if you're sitting next to him on the stage.

Lineage: Soundboard + Schoeps MK5c (onstage, XY)>KC5>CMC6 + MBHO MBP603a/KA200N (at SBD, PAS)>Aerco MP-2>>Sound Devices MixPre6>24/48 polyWAV>Adobe Audition CC>Izotope Ozone 5>Audacity 2.3.0>FLAC ( level 8 )

Our headliner tonight is none other than Pearl herself, Janis Joplin along with her backing band the Full Tilt Boogie Band. This show was recorded during the mythical Festival Express tour, featuring Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Band, and many more amazing acts, all taking the train across Canada during the summer of 1970. If you want to get a look at some of the highlights, including footage of them partying and playing on the train, you can catch the official documentary, released in 2003.
Joplin's set is a true classic. She is in prime form here, and the banter during and between songs is just excellent. I really love this show from June 28, 1970 at the CNE Stadium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Lineage: Soundboard > ? > Traded fileset > DL > FLAC (level 8, align on sector boundaries)

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