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[show title]Hell's kitchen radio

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September 16, 2022 10:00pm


Ask Dr Hal
...WITH ADDITIONAL KrOB KOMMENTARY later on. Also with the usual Poetry, Pedantry and Platters Profligately Put into Play. No re-run this time, but the genuine article. Clark Ashton Smith kicks the proceedings into starting. I offer one of mine next... With the voices of Pete Goldie, Philo Drummond, Michael Peppe-- it might as well be the Good Old Days of this stuff (pre-Pandemic). By the time we get to the end, KrOB, entering the Studio at the height of next door's thumpa-thumpa, and I are discussing the coming plan by Radio Valencia brass to... install a surveillance camera in the studio, fixed on Yours Truly. Pretty coercive, eh? Not Innocent until Proven Guilty, but the Code Napoleon: Guilty until (perhaps) proven Innocent. Isn't this supposed to be some kind of Pirate Radio? How about that Bohemian freedom and defiance of Authority? Oh, it's a free, mad life. Why, I oughta... Seriously, folks, this ain't a positive development. And in the final hour (hour 5), we discuss the possibility that the place may already be "bugged" (by Cimex lectularius). To itch his own.

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