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Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul episode #2, Feelin’ Lucky? I am.

Monday, January 27



Feelin’ Lucky? I Am !

I was on a plane, thankfully when the 2014 Grammys were on, opposite the Pro Bowl. Great TV.

LL Cool J Hosted, he is an icon to me, and certainly knows how to play the game, he did his job well.



Here’s what else I noticed, in no particular order.


First let me disclaim that I’m old and jaded a bit about new music, that said,

I think the music that rubs us the wrong way sort of defines us.

I think a lot of new music sounds exactly the same, it’s so dramatic and not fun. Emo.

Everything to me sounds like pop radio in Israel, songs with over the top synth production,

Singers emoting, “I can’t I’ve a second without you, I might as well die” Every song.

Kind of like “Grenade” by Bruno Mars (ironically, I like that song) Just ponderously desperate.


A lot of white people posturing like gangsta rappers at the Grammies.

Katy Perry,  did that a little (she always slips that West Coast hip hop swag in, but just a lil’)only she gothed it up.


Who am I to judge art? But just like LL Cool J had to do the awful country/ hip hop jam, Perry had to introduce us to Goth-Hop.



Pink’s & her ridiculous Cirque de Solie routine was unbearable.

I love some of Pinks Stuff, but her Grammy trapeze act, BOREing!



Lorde. ????? Whatevs.



Robin Thicke is much better with Chicago than Miley Cyrus.


I was introduced to Sara Barrelis (who played beautifully with Carol King) and


Kasey Musgraves, (the young country artist who won one) I thought she sang really well.



Last year I bought Frank Ocean Channel Orange and Kendrick Lamarr’s album un-heard, just reading they were in the top albums of the year, they sounded interesting. I love the Frank Ocean, and couldn’t stand the Kendrick Lamarr.  understand that his new album is great and he performed really well with Imagine Dragons, it was a hype performance.

Kendrick Lamar, Dan Reynolds


But I wasn’t digging’ the music so much.


Taylor Swift is so boring, “I know, right?…..”

Ringo Starr sang “Photograph” with his all-star band. Very nice, family friendly! Ringo then joined Paul McCartney who played a a new song. Though it was a little derivative , it was the most unique thing I heard all night. What is he, 70 ? Still got it, no doubt.

Macelmore & Ryan Lewis -I first heard their lyrics and rhymes from the mouth of babes at work, it’s was a big red flag , when you hear a 7 year old spouting lines from “Thift Shop”. Yesterday they proved it’s not our parents or grandparents world any more. “Same Love” is a sweet song. He tells a personal tale of being young and being afraid of being gay. A tale that involved his family, and his personal experience, it was emo in a way no one does it.

Unfortunately, Madonna still can’t sing.

Respect her fashion sense and Bowie- like chameleon-ism,

but a great singer, she’s never been. Hey , give her kudos for singing though, some artists don’t even bother nowadays!


Always gorgeous and thick slice of perfection,

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Queen Latifah was ONSTAGE doing a great job, playing her part, as

she married 30 gay, straight, & mixed race couples.

NOT CRINGING at Madonna’s voice, (considering she could have blown doors on the mic).

GREAT TV, a moment to be proud of.


I gave up on  Metallica the day after they took their fans to court. You don’t remember ? To me, that day, they became the most corporate rock band that ever lived. How much $ did these Multi-millionaires  stand to loose at the time?

They acted like they never dubbed a cassette tape.

Sabbath Cassette

I actually love Kirk Hammett, I think he is a great player , and I like the new bass player, he’s really cool , but F@#$ Metallica.

They are fakes to me. Dead fakes. Foo Fighters , Queens of the Stone Age , and even Muse rock harder and more legit any day .

I know ,very not Bay Area of me. Lars and his art collection, and that racist hillbilly lead singer? YOU KNOW WHAT?

Fuck Metallica.


Daft Punk cleaned up at the Grammys, I never realized they are from France,

I had no idea they worked with not only Pharell & Nile Rodgers, but

Giorgio Moroder  & Paul Williams as well!  What a class move.

I also admire them for being robots, & keeping incognito. They are rich and NOT famous, brilliant. images

Their set with Stevie Wonder was killer. So I will buy their LP, and play it for you! Now you are the lucky ones.


51:40 Mr. Rodgers

53:50 Announcements

54:30 Sean Lennon – Into the Sun

59:46 War- All Day Music

1:03:37 The Apples/ Announcements

1:05:25 Trini Lopez – Made in Paris

1:07:44 Paul Revere & The Raiders- Just Like Me

1:10:00 Nikka Costa – Pebble To a Pearl (instrumental)

1:13:30 Annoucements

1:14:45 Mitch Ryder w/ Booker T. & The MGs – I Get Hot

1:17:45 Smith – I Just Wanna Make Love To You

1:20:25 Spoonfull – Howlin Wolf

1:24:10  Apples/ Announcements

1:27:47 Sonny & Cher- It’s Gonna Rain

1:30:10 Lee Dorsey-Get Out my Life Woman

1:32:23 Janelle Monet-Dance Apocalyptic

1:36:30 T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S. – The Hives

1:40:08 Announcements/ The Apples

1:48:30 Daft Punk w/ Pharell Williams & Nile Rodgers- Get Lucky

1:54:30 Mickey Avalon – SO Rich, So Pretty

1:57:57 Lifesavas -Hellohihey

2:03:48 Announcements

2:04:00 Leela James – Don’t Speak

2:08:33 Sheryl Crow- Maybe Angels

2:13:00 Announcements/The Apples

2:19:30 Tune Yards – Gangsta

2:23:17   Cibo Matto- Sugar Water (Coldcut Remix)

2:28:00 Announcements/The Apples

2:35:32  Betty Davis – If I’m Lucky I Might Get Picked Up

2:40:45 Sittin’ Back – Res

2:44:50 Announcements / My Darling – Focus

2:48:33 Announcements

2:49:50 The Temptations – Cloud 9

2:53:12 Velvet Underground – Foggy Notion

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