Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

REPLACEMENT Show #2 Original Psychedelic Soul throwbacks #s 6& 9

Monday, June 9


UncleRay’sPsychedelicSoul,replacement#2  original#’s 6&9

I am away on vacation, kids! Here is a couple of older shows to keep you company!

Police – Voices inside my Head

Standells- Dirty Water

Osibisa Promo

Jimi Hendrix – Stone Free

Monkees – I’ll Get Back Up on My Feet

Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People (Live, Woodstock)

Missy Elliot – Funky Fresh Dressed

Psyche Soul Promo Drone

M.I.A.  – Mango Pickle Down River

The Apples – 

!Tang – Wild Things Roam

Lyres – She Pays the Rent

The Move – Stephanie Knows Who (Live Love Cover)

Senior Soul – Stone Soul

Sui Jorge  – Rebel Rebel 

           URPS promo

David Bowie – Growing Up

Sly & the Family Stone (untitled instrumental) / announcements

Emitt Rhodes – Sombodie’s Made for Me

Emitt Rhodes  – 

Neil Young – When You Dance

Sly Stone untitled instrumental / announcements

Stephanie Finch Go Go Market – 

part 2

Marvin Gaye – Got To Give it Up

Nikka Costa – Stuck To You

De La Soul – Simply

Prince – Rock Hard in a Funky Place

Soul Vibration – The Dump

Felonious – It’s Coming

DJ Premier – instrumental / announcements

Black Keys – Thickfreakness

The Count 5 – Piece of Mind

rare URPS Promo, vocoder

John Mayer – Gravity

Lyers – Grounded

Les Paul – Little Rock Getaway

rare URPS vocoder promo 2

Slim & The Soulful Saints – Fish Heads

Betty Davis – This is It

The Great Society -Sombody To Love (Live) 

Grateful Dead 

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