Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode #41 Christmas/Holiday wing-ding

Wednesday, December 31


Uncle Ray\’s Psychedelic Soul Holiday edition quick link:

Oh Chanukah by Uncle Ray
10:12am: Final Field by Henry Plotnick
10:14am: Come on Christmas by Cheap Trick
10:15am: Sons of The Silent Age by Bowie
10:18am: King of the Rodeo (Kings of Leon Cover) by The Bamboos with Megan Washington
10:18am: Dance or Die by Janelle Monae\’
10:22am: Pushin\’ On by The Quantic Soul Orchestra featuring Alice Russell
10:26am: I Get Lifted by George McCrea
10:28am: Pop Life by Prince
10:33am: Easy Skanking (live 1978) by Bob Marley & The Wailers
10:37am: Breeze & Soul by Kool & the Gang
10:47am: Back to the Future Part 1 by D\’angelo & the Vanguard
10:53am: You Caught Me Smiling by Sly & The Family Stone
10:56am: Music by Eric Serman
11:02am: I Don\’t Think We Met by Nikka Costa
11:06am: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Suite by Uncle Ray/Xraydusa
11:14am: We Gotta Get Out of this Place by Eric Burdon & The Animals
11:16am: thickfreakness by The Black Keys
11:20am: In a Jar by Dinosaur Jr
11:25am: Bad Reputation by Joan Jett
11:29am: Christmas by The Who
11:32am: Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
11:39am: Folsom Prison Blues by Bob Dylan & the Band
11:41am: You Ain\’t Goin Nowhere by Bob Dylan & the Band

11:45am: I Don\’t Want to Hear it Anymore by Shelby Lynne
11:50am: I\’ll Slip Away by Rodriguez
11:51am: I Want You by Elvis Costello
11:58am: The Christmas Song by Uncle Ray

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