Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode #46 Bowie Vs. The WORLD

Thursday, January 29

New Format for Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul

this week, the Thin White Duke, David Bowie


Warszawa by David Bowie
9:10am: Future Legend/Diamond Dogs by David Bowie
9:15am: Love My Way by Psychedelic Furs
9:17am: Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie
9:26am: Burning of the Midnight Lamp by Jimi Hendrix Experience
9:26am: Subteranians by Bowie
9:37am: Ziggy STardust/Suffagette City by Bowie
9:40am: I Know, I Don\’t Know by Blondie
9:43am: TVC 15 by Bowie
9:50am: Rebel Rebel by Seu Jorge
9:55am: Changes by Bowie
9:58am: Pale Shelter by Tears for Fears
10:04am: Don\’t Look Down by Bowie
10:08am: Bowie by Flight of the Concords
10:10am: The Jean Geanie by Bowie
10:10am: Looking For a Kiss by New York Dolls
10:21am: Space Oddity by Bowie
10:27am: The Piano Knows Something I Don\’t Know by Panic! at the Disco
10:29am: Sons of The Silent Age by Bowie
10:31am: Under Pressure by Queen / Bowie
10:36am: The Supermen by Bowie
10:37am: Lust for Life by Iggy Pop
10:42am: I Can\’t Explain by Bowie
10:51am: Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed
10:54am: Growin\’ Up by Bowie
10:59am: Dead End Street by The Kinks
11:02am: Kooks by Bowie
11:03am: Life on Mars by Barbara Striesand
11:12am: Race for the Prize by The Flaming Lips
11:16am: DJ by Bowie

11:21am: Ladytron by Roxy Music
11:23am: Fashion by Bowie
11:25am: Pretty Boys by Joe Jackson
11:29am: Fame (live, Stage) by Bowie
11:41am: by Black Keys
11:43am: New Killer Star by Bowie
11:44am: Landlord by The Police
11:45am: Young Americans by Bowie
11:51am: Stay by Bowie
11:56am: Let\’s Dance by Bowie

Next Monday, JAMES BROWN vs. the World!


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