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Episode #48 SF Synth/Pop Trio Synchronized Watches in the studio.

Monday, February 16

Brandon, Brianna & Matt are in the Studio with me, chatting and celebrating their debut release “Us We Here” by Synchronized Watches.

Us We Here


Quick Link-

Band’s Website-

Watches Gold

10:28am:Eat Me Alive by Sychronized Watches
10:29am: Are Friends Electric? by Gary Newman
10:38am: Flowing Wells (under the Strars Remix) by Sychronized Watches

Waches Singer
10:44am: Give me Back My Man by B-52\’s
10:59am: Fall Girl by Sychronized Watches
11:06am: Leave Me Alone by New Order
11:09am: Paris by Geographer
11:41am: Da Da Da by Trio
11:43am: I Know, I Don’t Know by Blondie
11:44am: Tiny Spark by Brendan Benson
11:46am: Birds Of Prey by Synchronized Watches

Watches D+B
11:47am: Go! by Tones on Tail
11:48am: Cannonball by Breeders

Plainsong by The Cure

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