Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode #53 Nice to Be Back!

Monday, May 25

Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul

10:00am:  Prototype by Outkast
10:03am: Square 1 by I.N.I.
10:12am: Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop instrumental by Diamond D & The Psychotic Nuerotics
10:16am: Mr. Hood Piocalles Jewlery by K.M.D.
10:18am: Fakin\’ Jax Mindstep Remix by I.N.I.
10:20am: Stepin\’ It Up by A Tribe Called Quest
10:22am: Wake Up by Run DMC
10:28am: Grown Man by I.N.I.
10:35am: Watch Out! instrumental by De La Soul
10:38am: Gimmy Shelter by Merry Clayton
10:42am: Pushin\’ On by Alice Russle w/ The Quantum Soul Orchestra
10:42am: Bad Day

10:46am: Day Dreaming by Aretha Franklin

10:49am: But I Ain\’t No More by Vera Hamilton

10:51am: He Don\’t Belong to Me

10:55am: Love Won\’t Let Me Wait by Major Harris
11:00am: Soul Thing
11:04am: Psychedelic Sally by Lionel Hampton
11:11am: Taboo by Dorothy Ashby
11:16am: I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Bobby Womack
11:21am: I\’m the One thaT kNOWS by Brenton Wood
11:23am: I\’m Your Puppet by Sam & Dave
11:27am: Gimmie A Little Sign by Brenton Wood
11:30am: The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne
11:33am: Some Got It, Some Don\’t by Senior Soul

11:38am: My Love by Isaac Hayes w Dionne Warwick
11:40am: Maybe I\’m Amazed by Paul McCartney
11:49am: Young & Able , Good & Evil by Arthur Lee & Love
11:51am: Louie Louie by The Kinks

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