Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode #54 TOP 5 with Tere Tulipano, my very special guest!

Monday, May 25


Today’s very special guest it Tere Tulipano from Brooklyn!

Our topic is Top 5! inspired by the Chris Rock movie of the same name. Who are your top 5 fave rappers?


9:46am: MC Lyte Likes Swinging by MC Lyte

9:47am: Cold Rock a Party (Bad Boy Remix) by MC Lyte

9:52am: Supa Dupa Fly by Missy Elliot
9:55am: I Can\’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebbles
10:03am: Ya Mama Wants You Back by Betty Davis
10:06am: Life\’s A Bitch by Nas
10:16am: Big Pappa by Notorious B.I.G.
10:18am: The Blueprint by BDP
10:21am: Hard Knock Life by Jay Z
10:21am: Just the 2 of Us by Chubb Rock
10:26am: Straight Outta Comton by N.W.A.
10:35am: Peter Piper by Run DMC
10:42am: Fight The Power by Public Enemy
10:44am: Don\’t Believe the Hype by Public Enemy
11:01am: You Don\’t Know What You Mean to Me by Sam & Dave
11:03am: The Seed (2.0) by Roots w/ Cody Chestnut
11:07am: Ain\’t Nothing… by Blakroc
11:11am: Emotional Rescue by Rolling Stones
11:15am: Take Me For A Little While by Dusty Springfield
11:19am: I Can\’t Let Go by Evie Sands
11:20am: Country Road by Merry Clayton
11:26am: Lucious Laddy by Dorondo
11:31am: In Time by Sly & The Family Stone from Fresh
11:35am: Save Me by Aretha Franklin
11:37am: My Lover\’s\’s Prayer by Otis Redding
11:39am: Save Me by Aretha Franklin
11:43am: Skunk Booty by Johnny Otis Show
11:56am: Doobie Ashtray by Devin the Dude

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