Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episodes 64 & 65 “The Selves vs the World” with special guest Mike Reilly!

Monday, August 24

The Selves are Hard! is a compilation album about to be released from Pacific Soul Records. I got singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist and hip shaker extrodinaire  Mike Reilly to sit in on my show for 4 hours! Enjoy both episodes!


Here are links to the podcasts-

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 1

Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul with MIKE REILLY
The Selves vs the World.
Meban’s Song
When You’re With Me
Too Young To Wait – The She’s

She’s A Handsome Woman – Panic @ the Disco

Mike & Ray
Xanadu – Ghostt of the Saber Tooth Tiger
Pink Letters
Sugar Man – Rodreguez

Bennie & The Jets – Elton John
I ‘ll Get Back Up On My Feet – The Monkees
The Walk (live radio) Mayer Hawthorne
MIke & Ray
Night of the Living Base Heads – Public Enemy
Jesus and Tequila – Minutemen
experiment Shake Appeal – Iggy Pop
mike & ray You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – Beach Boy’s Party!
People Everywhere Just Wanna Be Free- The Rascals
San Francisco Woman – Bob Lind
mike & Ray CLXZs / MDWLNDs – BoCo
mike & ray
The Devil Went Down to Silverlake – MC Honky
Stone Free – Jimi Hendrix
mr. criggles promo
Let it Happen – Tame Impala
URPS vocoder/guitar bumper
Ooh Wee – Mark Ronson w/ Nate Dogg, Trife, Ghostface Killah

Love Won’t Break The SELVES


Part 2

URPS The Selves vs the World

Dancin’ Days – Led Zeppelin
The JBs
Mike & Ray
Doctors Orders
Little Red Riding Hood – Sam Sham & the Pharos
Beck Bump
The Crazy Revenge Dance
Little Monster – Royal Blood
Mike & Ray
Good Thing To Know – Ulag & The Ucrags
Help You Anne – The Lyers
Help You Anne
Like A Mission – Kurt Van Hook
Mike & Ray
Dre Bump
You Know What I Mean – Lee Michaels
Sweet Tooth
Mike & Ray
Magic Carpet – Doug Dressure
Love & Haight – Sly & The Family Stone
Dreams – Beck
Double Exposure – Kelly Stoltz
Mike * Ray
He Can Only Hold Her
Here – Alessia Cara
Mike & Ray
Staying in Love – Raphael Saadiq
Stuff – Nikka Costa
I Love A Freak
Mike & Ray
Pastime Paradise _-Stevie Wonder

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