Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode # 68 featuring Joshua Pollock

Monday, September 28



Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul Featuring Joshua Pollock

10:02am: Daniel Johnston/Gruppo Di… by DJ Female Convict Scorpion from Clash-Ups V

10:08am: From Ogre Battle On by DJ Female Convict Scorpion from Space Cadet

10:13am: Willa’s Theme by Josh Pollock from The Impossibilities

10:14am: The Real by Sean Smith from Huge Fluid Freedom

10:18am: He Whipped My Ass In Tennis… by Pansy Division from Total Entertainment

10:30am:  Amazon Marketplace Tragedy by 3 Leafs

10:37am: Assasination Attempt by Josh Pollock from Veeps

10:38am: Nebraska by Annie Girl & The Flight from Bodies

10:41am: Far Away & Long Ago by Foxtails Brigade from Foxtails Brigade

10:44am: When Bill & Wayne Come Marching Home by Josh Pollock from Veeps

10:45am: Gideon’s Bible by John Cale, live at The Royal Festival Hall, London

10:49am: Walk A Thin Line by The Kilbanes from Eddie The Marvelous…

10:55am: Space Captain by Mushroom & Gary Floyd from Mad Dogs & San Franciscans

11:03am: Science Fiction!!! by Josh Pollock from Blindness Of The Heart

11:04am: La Vie En Rose by White Pee

11:09am: Careful With The Hat by Citay from Dream Get Together

11:17am: The Ocean/The Freezeframe by The Geneva Convention from 100 Nights

11:24am:  Cornelius & The Buffoon by The Plotholes from God’s Plot

11:25am: Sea Song by Daevid Allen’s University Of Errors

11:30am: Zeronia by Gong from Acid Motherhood

11:34am: Sea, A Mate by The Lake Millions from Threnodious Daevidius

11:40am: Carrot Top Parking Lot-The Movie by Corvette Summer

11:43am: The Varsouviana by Josh Pollock & Chris Broderick from A Hand In Desire

11:44am: God Juice by Dave Malloy from Beardo

11:46am: Red Room by Bob Starving & The Whalers from Woyzeck

11:49am: So Far Away by The Auricle

11:52am: The Back Row Is Just One Row Closer To God by Josh Pollock & Andy Alabran



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