Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode # 73 Transmitting from the Think Tank

Monday, November 16

The Think Tank is my home away from home. It’s actually my home studio overlooking San Francisco’s Castro and Mission districts, it’s where the good stuff get’s done. Here is a coupe new shows I made from home as WORK is interfering with my radio show sched… what else is new.



Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath
Come On Over – Royal Blood
Get This Thing On The Move – Grand Funk
Dude I Totally Miss You – Tenacious D

Louie Louie – Stories
Running After You- VCL Veasey
Treat Her Like a Lady – Sister Cornelious & Rose
Psychedelic Shack – The Temptations
Mission Impossible- Lalo Schifferin
Nino Mochella Looking At Your Face

Leon Bridges- Lisa Sawyer
Light My Fire- Al Green
That Lady – Isley Brothers
Whitefield Brothers

Start Paul Weller/Jam
That’s Entertainment
Absolute Beginners
My Ever Changing Moods

y mas…..

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