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Episode # 82 FAKE BANDS with Danny Plotnick. Fictional bands from TV & Movies.

Monday, March 7

Uncle Ray’s Psychedelic Soul presents FAKE BANDS with my friend Danny Plotnick!


Todays episode features Fictional Bands from Films and TV
Fictional Musix


Here’s a link to the audio


Here is a YouTubelink of some of the clips with music featured on today’s show.

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Stepping Stone- The Monkees
River Bottom Nightmare Band
Big Bottom – Spinal Tap
GSM – Spinal Tap

The Fabulous Stains rant
from Times Square, Robin Johnson – Damn Dog
Come On Up To Me – Desperate Teenage Love Dolls Soundtrack
Waste of Time – The Fabulous Stains

That Thing You Do – The Wonders
I Woke Up in Love This Morning – The Partridge Family
Love Power from “The Producers”

Look Up From The Bottom-
The Carrie Nations from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
Take A Run at the Sun from “Grace of My Heart”

Sunshine Day The Brady Bunch

Let’s Be Natural- The Rutles
BBC – Ming Tea
Royal Jelly – Dewy Cox ( John C Reilly)
A Mighty Wind Theme Song – Cast

The Cantina Band, Star Wars

Boogie Nights- You Got the Touch- Dirk Diggler
Bad Jokes from Prairie Home Companion with Dusty & Lefty
Hedwig & the Angry Itch
Venus in Furs from Velvet Goldmine
You’re My Drug – The Dukes of Stratosphere

Take the Time To Taste the Honey – The Bugaloos

Phantom of the Paradise-
Eddie from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
“Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul”
Welcome to The Doll House – The Quadradicks
Lenningrad Cowboys
The Mosquitoes – Don’t Bug Me

Marlena Dietrich – Boys in the Back Room from Destry Rides Again.
The Blues Brothers – Hey Bartender
Roscoes Chicken & Waffles Tape Heads
School of Rock – SOR

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