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Episode # 111 THE PLEDGE DRIVE HAS BEGUN, I ‘m afraid….

Thursday, December 22

URPS episode # 111

So since I am off of work dealing with cancer treatment, and I have over 100 subscribers, I am going to ask for your help- Radio Valencia is self run, I pay dues to do my show. It’s motivating for me to keep it up, I have a few hours in the day (usually) where I can get stuff done, the show is on top of the list. to get in touch.
Pay pal direct –
All donations will get there own personalized “Vs. the World” of their choice.
You pick the featured artist of the week!

If all my subscribers paid $1, I’d be most of the way there!
No pressure, I’ll keep doing the show as long as I can….

Thanks so much to my NYC fam Mr.Criggles & Ms. Eileen for their GENEROUS donation, I love that you listen and enjoy!
Flaming Lips – Dark Side of the Moon Excerpt
Hendrix- Stone Free
Dinosaur Jr.
Testify- Charles Watt
Nino Mochella
Big Starr
John Waite
King Crimson
Depeche Mode
Panic! @ the Disco
The Darkness
The Strypes X2
Spencer Davis Group
Q Tip
Flying Lotus w/ Snoop
India Iree
Stevie Wonder
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Cibbo Mato
Sly & The Family Stone
James Brown

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