Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode # 126 Uncle Ray Melts Down!!!!

Sunday, May 14

Monday morning after acupuncture, my ignition died. Fortunately, I had just re-upped my AAA, so I was able to have it towed to my mechanic in Oakland. Phew!

I started about a half hour late, desperate to go because it would have been the 3rd time XTC vs. the World pt. 2 would have played in it’s entirety. I couldn’t have that.

When I got to Radio Valencia, nothing was working, left turn table out, right turn table 1 channel, CD players, 1 channel. Yikes. I felt like breaking more stuff, but I’m a grown man, besides, most days I LOVE my radio station! Anyway, my fans. fam and friends called in, talked me down, and all was well, we even got all the channels back! Turned into the best show evah! It’s shorter than most shows since I was late, but- ENJOY….


10:31am: Uncle Ray\’s Psychedelic Soul M\’Lady by SLY & THE FAMILY STONE

10:43am: Slippin\’ Into Darkness by WAR

11:17am: Misdomenor by Foster Sylvers

11:20am: Tri State Betty by The Latrells

11:22am: It\’s Your Thing by ISLEY BROTHERS

11:26am: Tiny Spark by Brendan Benson

11:30am: Don\’t Wait Up For Me Tonight by Paul Collin\’s Beat

11:33am: You\’ve Got the Love by Rufus

11:36am: Telephone Line by ELO

11:37am: Keep It Coming Love by KC & the Sunshine Band

11:41am: Tighter And Tighter by Alive & Kickin\’

11:43am: Tighten Up by Black Keys

11:50am: Fire by Bruce Springsteen

11:57am: Do It Til You\’re Satisfied by BT Express

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