Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

Episode # 155 Mixemups

Tuesday, May 1

10:04am: Uncle Ray\’s Psychedelic Soul

You\’ve Got the Love by Rufus with Chaka Khan 

10:10am: I\’m You\’re Puppet by Foster Sylvers

10:13am: I Just Want to be your Everything by Andy Gibb

10:19am: New World Symphony by Earth Wind & Fire

10:23am: We Were Rock & Roll by Janelle Monet

10:41am: Only A Rose pt. 2 by MC Honky

10:43am: Tomorrow Comes Today by Gorillaz

10:46am: Pedestrian at Best by Courtney Barnett

10:48am: Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine

10:53am: Blue Moon by Beck

10:58am: Passing out Pieces by Mac De Marco

11:03am: Que Vida by Arthur Lee & Love

11:04am: Party Line by The Kinks

11:10am: Lazy Sunday Afternoon by Small Faces

11:18am: Can\’t We Try Love Again by Kool Blues

11:20am: I\’ll Be True To You Baby by Billy Fair

11:22am: Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan

11:31am: Telephone Line by ELO

11:35am: Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Ol Dirty Bastard

11:39am: Where This Flower Blooms by Scum Fuck Flower Boy w/ Frank Ocean

11:41am: Chich by The Whitefield Brothers

11:44am: Turn On Some Music by Marvin Gaye

11:47am: Loungin\’ by Jazzmatazz

11:55am: Just Like A Baby by Sly and the Family Stone

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