Uncle Ray's Psychedelic Soul

URPS Episode # 167 DUDE FEST V tibute

Monday, August 13

10:00am: Uncle Ray\’s Psychedelic Soul Heaven by Psychedelic Furs Today\’s show will celebrate Dude Fest, a social gathering that\’s about to be 5 years old.

10:06am: Lady Godiva\’s Operation by Velvet Underground

10:10am: The High Road by The Feelies

10:15am: Don\’t Give it Up Now by Lyres

10:17am: Bad Boy by The Beatles from Rock \’n\’ Roll Music

10:26am: 20th Century Boy by T Rex

10:31am: Crawling From The Wreckage by Dave Edmunds

10:32am: Queen Bitch by Bowie

10:36am: Down By The Lazy River by The Osmonds

10:39am: Lust For Life by Tom Jones w/ Crissy Hines

10:42am: Blank Expression by The Specials

10:44am: Waiting on a Friend by Rolling Stones

10:49am: Stupefaction by Graham Parker

10:52am: A Town Called Malice by The Jam

10:56am: Race For the Prize by Flaming Lips

10:59am: In This House That I call Home by X

11:07am: Strangers on A Train by Fahrenheit 451

11:12am: Bitch Pipe by Gearhead from Up On Blocks

11:18am: I Can\’t Stand It by James Brown

11:28am: Doobie Ashtray by Devin The Dude

11:29am: Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg

11:36am: Grazing in the Grass by FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION

11:38am: Trip To Your Heart by Sly and the Family Stone

11:39am: Up All Night by Beck

11:46am: I\’m Bad by LL Cool J

11:55am: Bring The Noise by Public Enemy

11:59am: Friends by Led Zeppelin

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