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URPS ## 229 the skinny, the scoop & the lowdown with L Siete! & Rasa

Tuesday, October 26

Training a couple new DJs today! Very exciting and very cool.


Sault – Bitter Streets
Lizzo – Soulmate
Nikka Costa – Birds of a Feather
De La Soul – Simply Having

Chaz Emphatic –

Harlem River Drive- Seeds of Life
War – All Day Music
Cookie Woodson – I’ll Be True
Desmond Decker – 007 Shanty Town
Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me
Pretenders – Private Life
The Clash – Armageddon Time
Bad Brains – Leaving Babylon

El Siete

Laurel Aitken – Quizas Quizas
New York Ska Jazz Ensemble – Blue Lunar Ska
Leroy & the Drivers – The Sad Chicken
Jason Joshua – Se Acabo
Thee Sinseers – Seems Like
General Crook – Gimmie Some
La Mariposa – The Penrose Scholars
The Revues & Angel Salgado – Take Me For a little While
Keep It Q – ?

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