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DJ Rockys Radio Ruckus – On Radio Valencia!!!!

Saturday, November 18

The latest installment of Radio Ruckus is pod cast for your listening pleasure, a little bit of this and a little bit of that including but not restricted to some of the finest aural arrangements in the history of the world ever since the day . we got some Psych some early early fuzzed out garage Rock and roll, music to make you move also we took a time trip to the 90s for a couple of classics, extremely high in Phat but really low in moral Fiber….. (”.)

very loud by the shout out louds
6:06pm: sockets by slaves
6:09pm: Makthaverskan by antabus
6:12pm: reaper invert by wand
6:16pm: Hey freak by Swamp Rats
6:18pm: strychnine by the sonics
6:20pm: outer space by the sex organs
6:23pm: pushin too hard by the seeds
6:25pm: flying saucer attack by The Rezillos
6:28pm: sick of you by the revox
6:30pm: shes a pest by the insects
6:32pm: wasting my time by the jackets
6:35pm: youve got my number why dont you use it by The Undertones
6:38pm: whatever happened to corey haim by the thrills
6:42pm: kissed in the face from whiteout by the shivas
6:48pm: step on by happy mondays
6:52pm: back to life by soul to soul
6:56pm: lost in time by the sateliters
6:59pm: theyre back here again by the cigarettes
7:08pm: my love for evermore by hill billy moon explosion
7:14pm: voodoo by the rythm shakers
7:15pm: Ruckus Radio!!!! red hot sand by flat worms DJ Rocky
7:20pm: people vultures by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
7:27pm: Half Full Glass Of Wine by Tame Impala
7:29pm: by the frantix
7:32pm: way out by bass drum of death
7:35pm: sun medalion by king tuff
7:37pm: memory of a cut off head by OCS
7:43pm: close to me demo by the cure
7:46pm: get lost by LA witch
7:50pm: fairer than a fairy by willow the wisp
7:58pm: i love you by Lou Reed
7:59pm: pretty pimpin by kurt ville



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