DJ Rocky's Radio Ruckus

DJ Rocky’s Radio Ruckus; new year-new station

Thursday, January 4

Its a brand new year and what better way to start it than broadcasting from our brand new station! Radio Valencia has moved on in the world to a new location, still in the mission, just a little closer to downtown. I had to break in the new studio with the signature blend of hard hitting and a smooth layering of guitar infuzed mayhem to kick up a ruckus and get you going over the hump of the first week of the year and sail you into the first weekend of the year, (a lot of firsts;) ) all in all eveything went well and a jolly splendid time was had by all!

6:00pm: DM Bob and the Defecits Satelite of love
6:07pm: over everything by kurt ville and courtney barnett
6:12pm: A Forest by The cure
6:16pm: had ten dollaz by cherry glazzier
6:20pm: speak to the wind by spindthrift
6:30pm: pressure by corners
6:33pm: theyre back here again by the cigarettes
6:34pm: lower the heavans by the donkeys
6:39pm: whatever happened to corey haim by the thrills
6:44pm: so good at being in trouble by unknown mortal orchestra
6:48pm: trouble by Girl ray
6:51pm: super sonic (live) by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
6:58pm: the female of the species by the flytraps
7:00pm: bird song by meatraffle
7:04pm: born again and again by death valley girls
7:08pm: ratchet witch by The meow twins
7:10pm: reaper invert by wand
7:14pm: fuzz fourth by fuzz
7:20pm: Goatman by Goat
7:24pm: big sur by magic castles
7:28pm: not a young man anymore by dean and britta
7:35pm: empty bottles by the high curbs
7:38pm: nothing lasts by bedroom
7:43pm: whats holding you by Lorelle meets the Obsolete
7:56pm: viceroy by mac de marco
7:59pm: vis a vis by the allah las


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