DJ Rocky's Radio Ruckus

DJ Rocky’s RADIO RUCKUS!!! High in phat, low in moral fiber!!!

Saturday, April 14

Dj Rocky is back in the saddle again delivering you the freshest cuts of audio ammunition known to man. join him as he takes you on a DJ freestyle mix of all that’s good in the world, his signature Ruckus sound is quite exquisite, guaranteed to motivate you from the depths of any stupor, blending multiple formats to always ensure you get what you need and them some, tune in check out and stream the podcast….. whats the worst that can happen? Dr Pepper and Jim Beam please! Radio Ruckus, Coming in your EARS!!! njoi. 🙂

6.00pm: Over and over by Jack White
6:03pm: reflections by dead vibrations
6:08pm: had ten dollars by cherry glazerr
6:13pm: speak to the wind by spindrift
6:18pm: sing by Blur
6:23pm: mary please by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
6:27pm: dead man theme by Neil young
6:32pm: the surf by the peoples temple
6:37pm: vlad the impaler by kasabian
6:38pm: and i love her by Kurt cobain
6:39pm: black country rock by David Bowie
6:43pm: Out of tune by real estate
6:48pm: im in your mind by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
6:51pm: fuzz fourth dream by Fuzz
6:56pm: remember me by Blue boy
7:03pm: Dub be good to me by Beats international
7:06pm: The dictator by DJ Rocky
7:13pm: The poem by the oh sees
7:16pm: the trip by still corners
7:21pm: vis a vis by allah lahs
7:26pm: big sur by magic castles
7:30pm: Colours to life by Temples
7:34pm: bird song by meatraffle
7:37pm: wasting my time by The jackets
7:40pm: creature feature by meatbodies
7:45pm: desert cruiser by truckfighters
7:52pm: creepy tales by the oil pans



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