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DJ Rocky’s RADIO RUCKUS!!! “Comin in your ear hole!!! ” (,”)

Saturday, April 28

Tune in once again for another wonderful edition of…(drum roll) “DJ Rocky’s Radio Ruckus” (cymbal crash!) This week Dj Rocky was laying down mostly all brand new music that he has gleamed from various sources throughout the world and the surrounding galaxies! some of these tracks might not make the cut and become Radio Ruckus standards, but, some will. we hope you will enjoy the selections which include…..

6:00pm: City looks pretty by Courtney Barnett
6:06pm: Dark spring by Beach house
6:11pm: everyone acts crazy nowadays by Unknown mortal orvhestra
6:16pm: Chevrolet by Van Halen
6:19pm: Night time by Superorganism
6:23pm: Pulled up the river by Okkervil River
6:26pm: Breath in breath out by Melody\’s echo chamber
6:29pm: Sharon by Matt costa
6:32pm: The creature by La Luz
6:35pm: neverending sunshine by king tuff
6:39pm: Just a fool by Jim James
6:43pm: How simple by Hop along
6:46pm: Heart killer by Dr Dog
6:55pm: good song by Blur
6:57pm: tired by sugar candy mountain
7:03pm: no no no by the mes
7:07pm: hanging on the telephone by The Nerves
7:10pm: heard it through the grapevine by the slits
7:12pm: Holding on for life by broken bells
7:18pm: fever the ghost by source
7:21pm: sacred sands by the allah lahs
7:24pm: nothing lasts by bedroom
7:31pm: Anenome by Brian Jonestown Massacre
7:34pm: hurt by jonny cash
7:36pm: coney island baby by Lou Reed
7:45pm: I love her by Kurt cobain
7:46pm: wartime lovers by rose windows
7:51pm: 23 minutes in brussels by Luna
7:57pm: Sing by Blur



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