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Saturday, June 16

It was the week of the international clown show, the biggest clown of the west met with the biggest clown of the east, they compared belly sizes and who has the smallest clown hands, the western clown congratulated himself for being the most biggly-est, amazing-est, fantastic-est clown ever, EVER! The Eastern clown well,,, basically he just needs all the help he can get!!! so hes just grateful for anything. we try not to get political on Radio Ruckus but the first section of last weeks show has definite influences from the current news…. anyho, Njoi the tunnage!!! peace!

6:02pm: Living during wartime by Talking heads
6:08pm: 19 by Paul Hardcastle
6:11pm: two tribes by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
6:16pm: once upon a time in the west by Dire Straits
6:21pm: whats holding you by Lorelle meets the Obsolete
6:26pm: steamshovel by Marshmallow steam shovel
6:32pm: Half Full Glass Of Wine by Tame Impala
6:36pm: In the meantime by Spacehog
6:41pm: i love you by spacemen 3
6:46pm: kinky afro by Happy mondays
6:51pm: Lower the heavens by the donkeys
7:00pm: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by ACDC
7:05pm: Holiday in cambodia by Dead Kennedys
7:08pm: hope i dont fall in love with you by Tom Waits
7:13pm: Angie by Rolling Stones
7:17pm: waiting around to die by townes van zandt
7:28pm: telegraph road by Dire Straits
7:33pm: come dancing by The Kinks
7:38pm: primitive by the groupies
7:42pm: keep in the dark by temples




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