DJ Rocky's Radio Ruckus

DJ Rockys Radio Ruckus!!! we are controlling transmission!

Saturday, August 4

Another Wednesday came and all was quiet,,, that is, until 6 pm and DJ Rocky hit the airwaves, laying down his signature blend of smoothness and artisinal (i hate that word) audio delights for you to take pleasure in.please enjoy responsibly!!!

6:00pm: The ghost who walks by Karen Elson
6:04pm: morning high by La Luz
6:07pm: Caught in a lie by Chastity Belt
6:12pm: Shimmer by Tape waves
6:15pm: Malibu by Luna
6:21pm: Albuquerque freakout by Hot wave
6:22pm: Albuquerque freakout by holy wave
6:25pm: no warewolf by the allah lahs
6:27pm: Radio Ruckus edit by DJ Rocky
6:29pm: Mean drean by La Luz
6:32pm: across 110th street by bobby womack
6:36pm: the dictator went good speech edit by DJ Rocky
6:39pm: Watching the wheels by John Lennon
6:42pm: Get Lost by LA Witch
6:47pm: Anenome by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
6:52pm: Told You I\’d Be With The Guys by Cherry Glazer
6:57pm: Misery loves company by Mystic braves
7:01pm: White room by Cream
7:04pm: street hassle by lou reed
7:16pm: creature feature by meatbodies
7:22pm: Reaper invert by wand
7:25pm: fuzz fourth dream by fuzz
7:29pm: war pigs by black sabbath
7:36pm: dope head blues by victoria spivey
7:39pm: cigarettes and heroin by cranford nix
7:41pm: the dope feels good by the warlocks
7:46pm: California All The Way by Luna
7:54pm: into the trees by still corners
8:00pm: chick habit by april march




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